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  History of Philosophy, 2011, vol. 16.
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History of Philosophy, 2011, vol. 16.



Gromov M.N. The typology of Russian philosophy in the context of European cultural tradition

Legends on miracles of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God (the editing and translation of the text by T.A. Sumnikova)

Simonov R.A. Philosophical and mathematical views of Kirik Novgorodets and the present

Milkov V.V. A religious-philosophical value of literary methods in the Old Russian political pamphlet (by the example of «A parable about the soul and the body» by Cyril Turovsky)

Shcheglov A.P. The nature of evil and the false knowledge in Old Russian thought

Chernyaev A.V. The problems of the social-philosophical anthropol­ogy in the history of Russian thought (The medieval period)

Kutsenko N.A. The reception of the ideas of German Classical Philosophy in the Philosophical Schools of Kharkov and Odessa Universities of the first part – middle of the 19th century

Lazarev V.V. Vladimir Solovyovon the life drama of Plato

Sobolev A.V. To the history of philosophical circles in Moscow in the Soviet time

Katsapova I.A. Pavel Novgorodtsev’s idea of law: the moral base of social life and its manifestationin the law and morality

Bazhov S.I. Russian national character as a theme of religious phi­losophy of Russian emigrationin 20-50th of the 20th century

Granin R.S. Eschatological paradigm in Nikolay Lossky’s doctrine of reincarnation

Semyon Frank. «I» and«We» (to an analysis of the communication) (transl. by Oxana A. Nazarova)

Nazarova O.A. The methodological grounds of S. Frank’s solution of the communication problem

Selesnyov N.N. A Nestorian Philosopher in the Arabic Literature of Copts: Ibnat-Tayyib retold by Ibnal-‘Assāl



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