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  History of Philosophy, 2012, vol. 17.
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History of Philosophy, 2012, vol. 17.





Igor Djokhadze. Richard Rorty as Historian of Philosophy

Alexej Rutkevich. A.Kojeve’s History of Ancient Philosophy («Historical Introduction to System of Knowledge»).

Irena Vdovina. Paul Ricoeur: A History of Philosophy as Self-Understanding of Philosophy

Irina Blauberg. History of Philosophy and Philosophy of History in Conception of Henri Gouhier

Yulia Rossius. On Betti' s theory of interpretation

Emilio Betti. Historical Interpretation

Elena Karpenko. Invention of «the Myself»: Destructive Extraction from Metaphysics’ Archives

Vincent Carraud. The First Myself (le moi): Pascal

Kirill Chepurin. Human Soul, its Intensity and Fate: an Introduction to Hegel’s Anthropology

Tatiana Glebova. Body, Mind, Personality. Lain Entralgo’s Anthropology

Pedro Lain Entralgo. Zubirian Radicalization of Zubiri’s Anthropology

Vladimir Starovoitov. The Problem of I, Personality, Self in the Creative Work of Paul Ricoeur and in the Contemporary Psychological and Psychoanalytic Studies

Igor Mikhaylov. Husserl’s Early Philosophical Program. Metaphysics, Theory of Cognition

Monique Castillo. To a Question on Ethical Liaison of Wisdom and a Science

Yulia Gorbatova. A.Plantinga and his Modal Version of Ontological Argument


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