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Aims & Scope


History of Philosophy

Aims & Scope


Istoriya filosofii/ History of Philosophy is a specialized journal on the history of philosophy. The journal's main objective is to promote the development of professional research in the history of Western, Eastern and Russian philosophy, and to establish and strengthen ties with foreign philosophers. The journal publishes original scientific papers, as well as translations from other languages, reviews and surveys. Special attention is given to covering new, little-explored problems, to developing the methods of the history of philosophy, and to elaborating terminology. Among the journal's authors are both major specialists, the leading scientists in their fields of knowledge enjoying international renown, and postgraduate students and young scientists. The journal provides them with an opportunity to regularly publish the results of their scientific research, and thus encourages the formation of scientific teams, united by the study of certain topics. The journal also publishes the materials of conferences (national and international) in the history of philosophy.


Main topics covered:

  • World Philosophy: the Past and the Present
  • Publications and Translations
  • Intellectual Biographies
  • Theory and Methodology of History of Philosophy
  • Materials of Scientific Events
  • Reviews