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History of Philosophy

Rules for submission, review and publication


  1. The History of Philosophy Journal is a specialized yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy, RAS, publishing articles in the history of philosophy, translations of philosophical classics, reviews of recently published books of historico-philosophical importance.

  2. Sections of dissertations, educational popular scientific texts, as well as abstracts for various reports shall not be considered for publication.

  3. In submitting his/her manuscript to the editorial board the author assumes the obligation not to publish it fully or partially in any other edition without consent of the journal's editorial board. Reference to the “History of Philosophy” is obligatory should any materials be used in later publications. The author shall be responsible for accurate quotation, correct bibliographical notes and transcription of names of people and places.

  4. Article size – 0.7 to 1.3 of an author's sheet, including references, notes, bibliography, and the summary. Review size – up to 0.8 of an author's sheet. Reviews shall also be accompanied with a summary. Articles exceeding the required size shall not be considered for publication.


Review process

  1. All manuscripts considered for publication in the " History of Philosophy" have to undergo the process of peer review and approval by the editorial board.

  2. When the article is received by the editorial board, the executive editor and the chief editor determine, if it reflects the journal's specialization, scope and general requirements to publications. In case of apparent nonconformity with these rules the article shall be rejected and the author informed accordingly per e-mail. On this stage comments shall be made regarding the article, if necessary, and the author shall rework the article taking them into account.

  3. The article shall then be forwarded to two independent reviewers. These may be both members of the editorial board or council, and independent experts, specialized in the relevant field of historico-philosophical knowledge, from different academic and higher education institutions of Russia. All reviewers have expertise in areas reflected in the submitted material and have published in the field within the past three years. They shall assess the article's theoretical level and novelty, its suitability for the target audience, its consistence and argumentativeness, etc.

  4. The author or any of the co-authors cannot be reviewers. Academic supervisors of graduate students or colleagues from the institution where the author is currently employed may not be invited as reviewers. Invited reviewers must inform the editorial board about any potential conflict of interest.

  5. If the reviews are positive, the article shall be approved by the editorial board. If there is criticism, the author shall be informed of it and shall rework the article for the final variant. If the reviews are negative, the article shall be rejected and the author shall be informed accordingly and provided with reasons for rejection.

  6. The editorial board will forward the copies of anonymous reviews to the author upon request.

  7. In case of two conflicting reviews the editorial board shall decide whether to publish the article. In contentious cases the chief editor may turn to a third independent reviewer or make the decision himself.

  8. The editorial board reserves the right to edit the materials provided when working out the final variant with the author.

  9. Reviews will be kept for a period of five years.

  10. The editorial board agrees to submit copies of the reviews to the Department of Education and Science of Russian Federation upon request.

Guidelines for manuscript publishing

  1. The decision to publish shall be made within two months from the date of the article's submission.

  2. Upon acceptance of the manuscript a standard agreement is signed between the author and the journal.

  3. The journal has no resources to remunerate the authors. Manuscripts are published free of charge.

    Address of the editorial board: Irina Blauberg, Department of Contemporary Western Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Goncharnaya st. 12, building 1, Moscow.