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Since 2015 the first specialized journal dedicated to logic Logical Investigations is being published (semiannually), which is the continuation of the annuary under the same name which was being published from 1993 until 2014. The first issue is published in spring, 2015. The journal is peer-reviewed, is included in is included in the List of the leading reviewed scientific journals and editions (approved by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science) since 2010, and is indexed by Zentralblatt MATH, Mathematical Reviews and Russian Science Citation Index (RINC). The applications have been submitted to include the journal in Scopus and Web of Science.


The journal provides a platform for broad discussions of logical problems of both conceptual and purely theoretical nature. The following sections are offered:

  1. Traditional logic.
  2. Symbolic logic (studies of the logical calculi, algebraic logic, model theory, proof theory).
  3. Non-classical logics (intuitionist logic, modal logic, multi-valued logic, fuzzy logic, substructural logics, including relevant logic, deontic logic, subjective logic, non-monotonic logic, combimnatorial logic and lambda-calculi, quantum logic, Leśniewski's systems, truth-logic, etc.
  4. Philosophy and logic (philosophy of logic, logical philosophy, onthologic).
  5. Logic and language (logical analysis of language, formal philosophy of language, linguistic foundations of logic).
  6. Applied logic (logic in computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences, formal epistemology).
  7. Theory and practice of argumentation.
  8. History of logic.
  9. Analitycal overviews.
  10. Reviews.


ISSN 2074-1472 (Print); ISSN 2413-2713 (Online)

Publisher: Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences


Frequency: 2 times per year

First issue: 1993; the journal is a redesigned continuation of the annual Logical Investigations that has been published since 1993 till 2015.

The journal is registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor). The Mass Media Registration Certificate No. FS77-61228 on April 3, 2015.

The Journal is indexed in Zentralblatt MATH (zbMATH), Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet), Russian Science Citation Index (RINC)Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, EBSCOhost.

The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific editions acknowledged by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Beginning with issue 16 Logical Investigations has become a subscription publication. Subscription index in the United Catalogue The Russian Press is 42046.



Editorial Board:

  • V.I. Shalack (D.Sc.) – editor in chief
  • N.E. Tomova (Ph.D.) – executive editor
  • V.A. Bazhanov (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • L.Y. Devyatkin (Ph.D.),
  • V.K. Finn (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • I.A. Gerasimova (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • I.A. Gorbunov (Ph.D.),
  • Y.V. Ivlev (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • V.I. Markin (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • I.B. Mikirtumov (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • N.N. Nepeivoda, (D.Sc., Prof.),
  • S.P. Odintsov (D.Sc.),
  • V.M. Popov (Ph.D., Assistant Prof.),
  • M.N. Rybakov (Ph.D.),
  • V.L. Vasyukov (D.Sc.), 
  • D.V. Zaitsev (D.Sc, Assistant Prof.).


International Editorial Board:

  • Diderik Batens (Professor, Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science Universiteit Gent, Belgium).
  • Johan van Benthem (Professor of Logic, Amsterdam and Stanford University).
  • Walter Carnielli (Professor, Centre for Logic, Epistemology and the History of Science and Department of Philosophy State University of Campinas, Brazil).
  • Grzegorz Malinowski (Professor, Department of Logic, University of Lodz, Poland).
  • Graham Priest (Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center, USA).
  • Andrew Schumann (Professor of University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland).




Adress: 12/1 Goncharnaya Str., Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (495) 697-96-65


Official website:


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