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  Andrey Maidansky. Spinosa’s «true logic»
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Andrey Maidansky. Spinosa’s «true logic»

Spinoza worked to develop a special, objective logic which would take into account the nature and order of things dealt with by the human intellect. Spinoza once gave this science the name of «true Logic» implying that its aim would be to look for a method of improving the intellect and thus to help people achieve the «supreme good». True logic is at the same time the true ethics, and vice versa. Contrary to the common opinion, the real subject of Spinoza’s Ethics is not the Nature as such, but the idea of Nature. Spinoza seeks not to build, but only to reflect this idea which is innate to every thinking mind.


Keywords: Spinoza, objective logic, method, reflective cognition, intellect, supreme good, idea of Nature