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  Logical Investigations. Vol. 5.
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Logical Investigations. Vol. 5.


Editors’ note (in Russian)

Editors’ note

Karpenko A.S. Some V.A. Smirnov’s Logical Ideas.

Esakia L.L. The Interpretations of Intuitionistic Logic in Terms of Provability.

Anshakov O.M. J-Logics and Classes of Algebras Corresponding to these Logics.

Maksimova L.L. Explicit and Non-explicit Definability of Modal Super-Intuitionistic and Relevant Logics.

Nepejvoda N.N. Incomplete Proof Structures and their Application.

Batens D. Dynamic Semantics Applied to Inconsistency-Adaptive Logics.

Weingartner P. Different Kinds of Relevance.

Sidorenko E.A. Normalized Deductions and Generalization of Deduction Theorem.

Zajtsev D. V. Theory of Relevant Entailment I: Axiomatics.

Bystrov P.I. Decidable Calculus Based on V.A. Smirnov’s Absolute Relevant System.

SegerbergК. On the Reversibility of Doxastic Actions.

Kron A. The Law of Assertion and the Rule of Restricted Permutation.

Chagrov A.V., Chagrova A.A. Infinite Sets of Non-Reducible Modalities of Normal Modal Logics.

Hakhanian V.H. Independence of the Principle of Double Supplement of Sets for the Schema of Collection of Set Theory and Intuitionistic Logic.

Shalak V.I. Theory of Prepositional Programs II.

Bolotov A.E., Bocharov V.A., Gorchakov A.E. Algorithm of Proof Search in Classical Predicate Calculus.

Rantala V. On the Logic of Connectionist Representation.

Pavlov S.A. The Falsehood Logic as a Generalization of Three-valued Lukasiewicz’s Logic.

Vasjukov V.L. Combined V.A. Smirnov’s Logic from the Situational Viewpoint (Non-Fregean Approach).

Bezhanishvili M.N. On a Partially-Interpretated Tableaux Calculus.

Markin V.I. Formal Reconstruction of Traditional Singular Negative Syllogistics.

Popov V.M., Horokhorin I.I. Diadic Semantics for Systems of Formal Syllogistics.