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  Nature of Atheism
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Nature of Atheism

22-23 May, 2019

Moscow, Institute of Philosophy

The topic of the conference touches issues asrationality of atheism, atheism as a rational worldview, atheism’s place in the contemporary culture. We focused on the problem of atheism which is motivated by the view that science disproves the existence of God, so the questions of relation science and religion, theistic and naturalistic worldview were the dominant in the papers for the conference.


Video broadcast and photo report



  • P. Clavier (Metz)
  • A. Gaginsky (Moscow)
  • G. Gasser (Innsbruck)
  • B. Faul (St.-Petersberg)
  • K. Karpov (Moscow)
  • V. Sleptsova (Moscow)
  • M. Stenmark (Uppsala)
  • M. Sysoev (Voronezh)
  • V. Shokhin (Moscow)
  • V. Weidner (Munich)