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  Logical Investigations. Vol. 2.
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Logical Investigations. Vol. 2.


Editors’ note

Ishimoto A., Sagal P.T. Interpreting Lesniewski’s Ontology – a Propositional Fragment of Lesniewski’s Ontology and Related Systems.

Smirnov V.A.The Definitional Equivalence of Lesniewski’s Elementary Ontology and Generalized Okkam-type Syllogistics.

Pavlov S.A. Embedding of Lesniewski’s Elementary Ontology into Semantically Closed Theory of Denotation.

Ishimoto A. Logical Grammar – Logical and Ontological Observation.

Gerasimova I.A. Extention-Intention Dilemma and Propositional Attitudes.

Shalak V.I. Dynamic Interpretation of Propositions.

Materna P. Concept of Concept.

Smirnov A.V. System of Interactive Theorem Proving.

Suppes P.,  Alioshina N. A. The Definability of the Qualitative Independence of Events in Terms of Extended Indicator Functions.

Alioshina N. A. Probability Logic in Artificial Intelligence.

Sidorenko E.A. Deduction Theorem for Classical and Non-Classical Calculi.

Bystrov P.I. Relevant System with Global Rules of Inference.

Popov V.M. Two Remarks and the Question concerned to Implication Relevant Logics.

Stebletsova V.N. The Logic of Branching Time as a Tool for Specification and Verification of Parallel Programs.

Anisov A.M. Computer Programing of Becoming.

Lukasiewicz J. On Determinism.

Karpenko A.S. Jan Łukasiewicz - Determinism and Logic.

Karpenko A.S. Implicational Logics: Lattice andConstructions.

Smirnov V.A. Multidimensional Logics.

Kanai N. Proof  of the Embedding of Aristotle’s Syllogistics intoPropositional Logic.

Vasiukov V.L. Categorical Semantics for Paraconsistent Logics.