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Cognitive catastrophe. Knowledge management in the sphere of high technologies. Clinical approach

Cognitive catastrophe. Knowledge management in the sphere of high technologies. Clinical approach

Vladimir Burov


Irreducibly complexity of modern special knowledge - it is the complexity of the tasks and knowledge that cannot be reduced without significant distortion of the picture of reality - cognitive biases and cognitive catastrophes. Irreducible complexity of knowledge today is higher than the ceiling of complexity available to specialists. There is an urgent need for a new system level cognitive technologies and specialized scientific knowledge in high technology management this knowledge, innovative technology platform for education and scientific knowledge, new regulatory requirements generated by the formation of the structure of the General intellect and professional intelligence specialist.

With the growth of irreducible complexity for the limits of professional intellect specialist for high technology there is a situation of cognitive catastrophes: adoption specialists solutions not provided with the necessary knowledge. The reason may be the absence of such knowledge or complexity beyond the limits of normative professional intellect.

Frontier available to the complexity of knowledge today has identified the statistics of the unified state examination. In this examination included the typical tasks undertaken by less than 0.2% of the graduates. This statistic determines the anthropological border technological development for existing management models knowledge in all areas of practice. You cannot ask a man to be worked outside of this boundary, as it is impossible to demand that he ran the 100 meters in 5 seconds. For such work requires special technological support specialist is a good interdisciplinary team, cognitive and neurocognitive performance technology in terms of irreducible complexity. These technologies improve the competitiveness of the organization. They allow employees to go through anthropological boundaries of human capabilities in the sphere of mental labour, as it has already happened in the field of physical labor, making them much more effective.

When crossing the border limit of anthropological features of mental labor is the necessity of special management knowledge and clinical neurocognitive approach, taking into account the peculiarities of brain activity in the professional activity and the control of such activity. Neurocognitive technologies allow in order to increase the available complexity of the tasks and knowledge.

The situation actualization of the limitations of the bounds of knowledge and technological development is determined by us as inevitable for the operating model of knowledge cognitive catastrophe. We have chosen the clinical approach to the erroneous human actions. This approach develops today in psychology [1]. Psychological content of erroneous actions specialist in situations of cognitive catastrophe was defined as a psychological defense against irreducible complexity of the tasks and knowledge, conflict requirements irreducible complexity and limit the intellectual capabilities of professional, when as a protective steps he uses reduction.

The appeal of this approach and to discoveries in neuroscience have allowed us to determine the situation of cognitive catastrophes in all areas of practice as a problem of cultural-anthropological boundaries of professional intellect, neurocognitive problem of modern technological development. We started to technological solving this problem [2].

As such a solution, we entered the rapids irreducible complexity of specialist tasks and cognitive and neurocognitive technology Elevator through the rapids irreducible complexity, transmission inseparable knowledge, neurocognitive transactions of professional communication and neurocognitive operating system in the structure of professional intellect.

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