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  History of Philosophy, 2010, vol. 15.
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History of Philosophy, 2010, vol. 15.



Alexei Fokin. Boetius and his book ‘On the Catholic Faith’.

Severinus Boetius. De fide catholica (translated from Latin with notes by Alexei Fokin).

Artyom Krotov. To the history of the Cartesian tradition: Cordemoy’s occasionalism.

Tatiana Lifintseva. The reception of Martin Heidegger’s ideas in the Systematic Theology by Paul Tillich.

Alexandre Mikhailovsky. Myth, History and Technology: Ernst Jünger’s Meditations at «the Wall of Time».

Lolita Makeeva. Mental realism: pros and cons. 

Irina Muerberg. Bernard Williams and the transformation of ethics into a political philosophy of liberty.

Bernard Williams From Freedom to Liberty (translated from English with notes by Irina Muerberg).



International Conference «Spinosa’s Modernity» (Moscow. November 2007)


Mogens Lærke Sketch of a Metaphysics of Absolute Exteriority. Some reflections on Spinoza’s theory of causality and ontology of power (translated from French by Maria Fyodorova)

Andrey Maidansky. Spinosa’s «true logic».

Chantal Jaquet. Paul Ricoeur and Jean-Pierre Changeux’s reference to Spinoza’s theory of mind and body relationship «What makes us to think. Nature and the order» (translated from French by Anastasia Yastrebtseva).

Vittorio Morfino. Leibniz or Spinoza: a contemporary alternative (translated from French by Olga Machulskaya).

Lorenzo Vinciguerra. Aesthetica sive Ethica. Spinoza on the essence of art (translated from French by Irina Blauberg).

François Flahault. On Spinoza and wisdom (translated from French by Tatiana Gushchina).



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