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  Logical Investigations. Vol. 3.
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Logical Investigations. Vol. 3.


Smirnova E.D. Kant and Hilbert’s proof theory (the role of ideal patterns in D. Hilbert and I. Kant).

Sidorenko Е.А. Possible world semantics: from Leibnizean to Humean.

Skvortsov D.P. A Comparison of the deductive power of   realisable sentential formulas.

Sidorenko E.A. Relational semantics of relevant calculi.

Fam Ding Ngyem. The Role of model structures in a definition of logical consequence.

Bystrov P.I. A Sequential calculus of the formulae with temporal parameters.

Pavlov S.A. A Classification of three- and four-valued logics in the framework of the false logic FL4.

Weingartner P.A logic of quantum mechanics based on the classical logic.

Smirnov A.V., Novodvorsky A. The Language of logical system description.

Smirnov V.A. The proof search in natural intuitionistic predicate calculus with ε-symbol and existence predicate.

Khakhanian V.Kh. On the admissibility of Markov’s rule in an intuitionistic set theory.

Zakrevsky A.D. An Expert system of logical recognition as the educational tool for logical inference methods.

Bolotov A.E., Bocharov V.A., Gorchakov A.E. A Proof search algorythm for natural classical propositional calculus.                                                        

Katrechko S.L. An Intellectual backtracking.

Lubetsky V.A. Transfer theorems and algebra of modal operators.                   

Anisov A.M. An Abstract computability and ABT programming language.

Blinov A.L. Semantic games with random steps.

Vasyukov V.L. Developing Tarski: a cotopos of theories.

Karpenko A.S.Sheffer’s stroke for prime numbers.

Gerasimova I.A. A Semantic analysis of musical notation.

Vasyukov V.L. In defence of Metauniverse.