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  Olga P. Zubets. Aristocraticism as a Value Phenomenon
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Olga P. Zubets. Aristocraticism as a Value Phenomenon

Olga P. Zubets

Aristocraticism as a Value Phenomenon
Research project, Russian Foundation for Humanities, 2002–2003.



The analysis and reconstruction of aristocraticism as a system of values is aimed on the understanding of the nature and hidden contents of some moral values, as well as on some general aspects of the orogin and history of values. Since ancient times values of aristocraticism and of commoners have been coexisting in contradiction, not only in mutual denying, but being opaque for each other. They have been different not only in meaning, but based on fundamentally different relations between a person and the world, man and his activity.
Each value system finds its basis in phenomenon, creating its time-space structure. A castle with its high dominating position and separating walls gives objectivity to the special existence not in the social space, but in the family history. A road, way structures the values of service (knights, monks…). At last they result in profession, which structures the commoner's value system.
In this context idleness is seen as a necessary form of aristocratic existence between the meaningful deeds, which may occur not within one limited biography, but somewhere in the past or future family history. Idleness corresponds to the role of labour in commoner's values. Any meaningful activity in aristocraticism is idle as well as any meaningful activity in commoner system is labour. In aristocraticism activity and the world (a kind of body) don't exist out of and separately from the person, who - the only one - creates its name, meaning and value. And these former are not the result, existing separetely after the creation, but the whole world is only the world of the person, his body, historic time and space of the castle.
For a commoner the world and activity are the objects of choice, of necessity to Full the emptiness, the alianated result of making oneself. The concentrated form of such value system is profession.