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  Nadezda Volkova Necessity of soul
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Nadezda Volkova Necessity of soul

This paper concerns with the question of a character of soul’ descent into bodies in Plotinus’ philosophy. In the text of “Enneads” there are two aspects of interpretation of the descent: as continuation of Demiourgia by individual souls and as their sin. In the first case descent is the necessary part of Emanation while the souls’ action is involuntary, in the second case souls act voluntary and in the earthly life they suffer a just punishment. Question of the character of soul’ descent is of great importance, because it connects with two main problem for Plotinus: the problem of freedom and the problem of evil. Thus it is hard to assume, that Plotinus left this question full of contradictions. Author tried to show consistency of Plotinus’ thought referring to the concept of “Divine law” or law of nature reconciling the necessity of descent and justice of retribution.


Keywords: descent of soul, voluntary act, involuntary act, provident care, intimate consciousness, matter, evil, proper cause, concomitant cause.