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  Lolita Makeeva. Mental realism: pros and cons
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Lolita Makeeva. Mental realism: pros and cons

The article is devoted to the problem of reference and ontological status of psychological terms: whether they refer to something existing in reality or whether they are but a mere façon de parler. The question has been widely debated in the philosophy of mind and has come to serve the line of demarcation between mental realists and anti-realists and between reductive and non-reductive physicalists as well. The well-known arguments against reductive physicalism and its proponents’ objections are considered. The author shows that though the epistemic or linguistic treatment of such mental properties as subjectivity, intentionality, phenomenal quality, etc., cannot resolve the problem, it deepens our understanding of it.


Keywords: philosophy of mind, psychological terms, mental realism, reductive physicalism, non-reductive physicalism, mental properties