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  • V. Vasyukov. V. Smirnov about the Scientific Theories and their Relationship  // V. Smirnov.  Series "The Philosophy of Russia of the second half of the twentieth century". M.: ROSSPEN, 2010.  P. 81-122.
  • V. Vasyukov. Foreword to the book "V. Smirnov" // V. Smirnov. Series "The Philosophy of Russia of the second half of the twentieth century". M.: ROSSPEN, 2010. P. 5-16.
  • V. Vasyukov. Global and Local Interpretations of Quantum Logic in Categories // Modern Logic: Problems of Theory and History. Materials of the XI International Conference ( June 24-26, 2010). St. Petersburg, 2010. P. 314-315.
  • V. Vasyukov. Metalogical Pluralism and Universal Logic // Logical Investigations. Vol. 16. M.-St. Petersburg: Center of the Humanitarian Initiatives, 2010. P. 107-120.
  • V. Vasyukov (in collaboration). Methodological Aspects of the Innovative Development of Russia (Project and analytical note on the results of work of the Club of Innovative Development during 2009) // Reflexive Processes and Management, №1-2, 2010. P. 5-28.
  • V. Veryaskina. Individualization in the Context of Reflexive Modernization: Challenges, Theoretical models, possible Scenarios of Progress // Changing Sociality: new forms of modernization and progress. - М: Institute of Philosophy, RAS, 2010. P. 62-100.
  • V. Veryaskina. Moral intentions of the religious and political testament of Imam Khomeini in the context of globalization problems // Phenomenon of globalization in the context of the dialogue of cultures. - Moscow: "Canon+", 2009. P. 76-102.