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  • V. Vasyukov. Dialogue Games dor Dishkant's Quantum Modal Logic // Logical Investigations. 2013. 19. P. 353-365.
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  • V. Vasyukov. Logical Pluralism and Algebraic Systems // 8-th Smirnov Readings on Logic.Materials of the International Conference / Executive Editor:  V. Markin. [NP], 2013.
  • V. Vasyukov. Nanotechnologies and the problem of functional description of the technical artefacts // Actual problems of modern cognitive science. Materials of the 6-th All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation (October 17-19, 2013). Ivanovo: "Ivanovo" Publishing, 2013. P. 20-28.
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  • V. Veryaskina. Personal  modernization and the consequences of   modernity // In the collective monograph: Socio-philosophical analysis of modernization: theories, models, experience / Editor-in-chief: V. Fedotova. - Moscow: Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2013. P. 168-177.
  • V. Veryaskina. Create yourself. Materials of the "round table" // Human, №1, 2013. P. 10-12.
  • V. Veryaskina. Personal modernization - the strategic goal of the development of Russia and its regions. Round Table of the "Polis" Journal: So different Russias. Part I // Polis, №2, 2013. P. 85-89.
  • V. Pukhlikov, A. Ivanova. Dialectics as a Method of Philosophical investigation of the World and Human being in the History of Philosophy // XXIII World Congress of Philosophy. ''Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life''. Abstracts. Athens, August 4-10, 2013, University Campus-Zografos. P. 586.
  • V. Pukhlikov. Historical destiny of the dialectical method // Towards the XXIII World Congress "Philosophy as a research and lifestyle." Program and materials of the international conference dedicated to 45-th anniversary of the Kazan State  Power Engineering University (Kazan, April 26-27, 2013). - Kazan, 2013. P. 143-144.
  • L. Krasnopolskaya.  On the structure of the exam on the history and philosophy of science // Mathematics. Computer. Education. Abstracts. Issue 20. - Moscow-Izhevsk , 2013. 
  • L. Krasnopolskaya. The forgotten participant of the drama of Soviet genetics // Modern problems of science and education. Materials of the conference. - Kharkov, 2013. P. 143-144.  
  • L. Krasnopolskaya. The phenomenon of the academic towns in the Russian science: contemporary problems // Modern problems of science and education. Materials of the conference. - Kharkov, 2013. P. 314-315.