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  Sarvadarśana-saṅgraha. “Pratyabhijñā-darśana”. Translation
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Sarvadarśana-saṅgraha. “Pratyabhijñā-darśana”. Translation

This publication is the first translation into the Russian language of Pratyabhijñā-darśana (The Doctrine of Recognition), which is a part of the famous Sanskrit philosophical treatise Sarvadarśana-saṅgraha. Sanskrit sources quoted or referred to in the chapter (works of Somānanda, Utpaladeva, Abhinavagupta etc.) are identified in the analytical part of the translation – the task that was not carried out fully in a number of the previous translations of the text. 


Keywords: pratyabhijñā, doctrine of Recognition, Śiva, ātman, prakāśa, vimarśa.