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  Logical Investigations. Vol. 1.
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Logical Investigations. Vol. 1.


Editors’ note

Pawlak Z. Rough sets – basic notions.

Orlowska E. Logical aspects of concept studies.

Nepeivoda N.N. First steps toward the theory of non-formalizing notions.

Smirnov V.A. Double algebras and symmetrical logics.

Dziobiak W., Czelakowski J. Congruence distributive varieties of algebras.

Markin V.I. Syllogistical theories and predicate calculus.

Shalack V.I. Logical database automated constructing methods in AI systems.

Buszkowski W. Syntactic Lambek calculus and its semantic.

Popov V.M. Paraconsistent sequential calculi.

Wójcicki R. Two methods of constructing logical calculi: logics of conclusions and logics of formulas.

Vasyukov V.L. MN-categories for modal logics.

Vasyukov V.L. RN-categories for relevant logics.

Sidorenko E.A. Weak consequences and paradoxes of entailment.

Vojshvillo E.K. Relevant logic as the stage of development of logic, its philosophical and methodological significance.

Bystrov P.I. Non-standard method of tableau constructions for modal and relevant logics.

Gerasimova I.A. Distributed systems from the point of view of epistemic logic.

Karpenko A.S. Matrix logic without fixed points.

Ivlev Yu.V. Quasi-functional semantics and semantic of restricted sets of state descriptions.

Anisov A.M. Might be a space continuous while time would be discrete?

Anshakov O.M., Skvortsov D.P., Finn V.K. On axiomatizability of many-valued logics caused by the formalization of plausible reasoning.