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  Logical Investigations. Vol. 6.
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Logical Investigations. Vol. 6.


Editors’ note (in Russian)

Editors’ note

Smirnova E.D. Nature of Logical Knowledge and Issues of Justification of Logical Systems.

Slinin J.A. Phenomenological Interpretation of Logic.

Ivlev Y. V. Theory of Logical Modalities.

Gerasimova I.A. Kant and Leibniz: Two Approaches to Deontic Modalities.

Bezhanishvili M.N. The Completeness Theorem for One Bi-modal System of Knowledge and Belief.

Bystrov P.I. Mutual Transformation of Sequent and Natural Deductions in Modal Logic.

Chagrov A.V. Strictly Implicative Formulae in Modal Logics Close to Intuitionistic Logic.

Karpenko A.S. Interrelations Between Implication of Entailment, Strict, Relevant Intuitionistic and Classical Implications.

Sidorenko E.A. Binary Relational Semantics for Relevant Logic.

ZaitzevD.V. Theory of Relevant Entailment П: Semantics.

Popov V.M. Formalization of Non-Standard Relations of Deducibility in Paraconsistent Logic.

Grzegorczyk A. Psychologistic Semantics and Avoidance of Antinomies.

Vasjukov V.L. Situations and Meaning.

Mikirtumov I.B. Intensional Characteristics of Function in the Logic of Meaning and Denotation.

Birjukov B.V. From the History of Logic in Russia: the "Carroll's Puzzle" in Interpretation of Pavel Florenski.

Pavlov S.A. Metapredicate of Truth and Logic of Falsehood.

Karavaev E.F. On Tense Logic in One Poorly Known Markov's Contribution.

Anisov A.M. The Direction and Reversibility of Time.

Novoselov M.M. Whether the "Locke's Rule” Belongs to Locke?

Vojshvillo E.K. Ontological Necessity and Apodictic Syllogistics.

Mchedlishvili L.I. Towards Semantics for Aristotle's Apodictic Syllogistics.

Markin V.I.The Generalized Positive Syllogistics.

Kostjuk T.P. Positive Syllogistics of Vasiljev's Type.

Bakhtijarov K.I. The Interactive Game “Carroll” and the Calculator “Aristotle”.

Samokhvalov K.F. Existence of Predicates and the “Ontological Argument”.

Grinenko G. V. On Logical and Semantical Pecularities of Sacral Texts.

Smirnova E.D. The Problem of Formalization of Some Non-Standard Semantics.

Sandu G., Hiipakka J. Partially Interpreted Connectives.