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Aims & Scope


Philosophy of Science and Technology

Aims & Scope


The journal publishes original research articles, editorials, and reviews in the following areas: current issues in epistemology, philosophy of science and technology; historical epistemology of science and technology; problems of convergence of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities; methodological issues in natural, social, and applied sciences; philosophical problems of modern technoscience and converging technologies; the ethics of science and technology; socio-philosophical problems of science and technology; epistemology and cognitive sciences.


Main topics covered:

  • Historical epistemology of science and technology
  • Theory and methodology of science and technology
  • Human sciences
  • Ethics of science and technology
  • Science, technology and society
  • Epistemology and cognitive sciences
  • Innovational complexity
  • The socio-political dimension of science and technology
  • Language, consciousness, and communication
  • Research programs of epistemology
  • Scientific life
  • Bookshelf
  • In Memoriam