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Aims & Scope


Philosophy Journal

Aims & Scope


The Philosophy Journal aims at representing the state of the art in philosophical research, both in the traditional areas like ontology, epistemology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, political theory or history of philosophy, and in the interdisciplinary studies that combine philosophy with other areas of knowledge such as the exact sciences, literary criticism and the theory of visual arts, with their ongoing debate concerning the usage of newly coined concepts. Particularly welcome are publications on new and non-traditional forms of philosophy.


Main topics covered: 

  • Conference papers and lectures
  • In search of a new language for philosophy
  • Philosophy and scientific knowledge
  • History of philosophy
  • Anatomy of philosophy
  • Comparative philosophy
  • History and theory of culture
  • Morals, politics, society
  • Logic and philosophy
  • Chronicles of philosophy
  • Reviews and bibliographic surveys
  • Academic discussions