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Philosophy of Science. № 18. Moscow, 2013





Gorokhov V. From simple to complex explanation: from classic natural sciences to engineering sciences.

Ogurtsov A. Overcoming complexity and expanding the boundaries of scientific theories.

Arshinov V. Observer of Complexity in the Context of Paradigm of Post-non-classical Rationality.

Svirsky Y. Individuation in complexly-organized world.

Knyazeva H. The Cognitive Complexity.

Rozin V. Methodological approach as a modern way to resolve the problem of complexity.

Kalinin E., Chernovitskaya Yu. The reality of the complexity or the complexity of the reality (information and communicative approach).

Konyaev S. Complexity Problem and Pure Science Development Perspectives.



Sachkov Yu. Probability – on the way of studying complexity.

Antipenko L. About geometric and quantum-physical experience for the study and development of cosmic space(Science and philosophical analysis of the problem).

Taraborin D. Unified theories in physics – searching for simplicit in the world of complexity.

Chuvasheva E. Complexity and symmetry.



Alexeyeva I. Complexity and simplicity in self-knowledge of society.

Lepskiy V. Problems of control of complexity in improvement of mechanisms of democracy in Russia.

Stebakov D. Following the complex human nature.

Burov V. Humanitarian foundations of science: factor of irreducible complexity of knowledge in the knowledge economy.

Baksansky O. The notion of world’s complexity: the modern philosophy of education.

Khen J. About complexity of life and simplicity of theories.

Kiyashchenko L.P. Simplicity of complexity and complexity of simplicity (the dimension of distinction).


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