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  Igor K. Liseev
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Igor K. Liseev

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Igor K. Liseev

Date and place of birth

April 28th1941,Fergana, Uzbekistan SSR


Moscow State University - philosophy department,1965

Academic status

Professor in Philosophy (since 2002)

Sphere of interest

Philosophical aspects of ecology, philosophy of (natural) science, philosophical problems of interaction between humanity (a human being), society and nature

Professional activity

1965 – 1966 Lecturer of the Chair of Philosophy in the First Moscow Medicine Institute

1966 – 1968 Research scientist of Philosophy Department of Moscow State University

1968 – 1973 Scientist consultant subeditor of “Philosophy problems (issue)” magazine

1963 - at the present time Senior staff scientist (1966) of The Institute of Philosophy of The Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientific publications


  • Synthesis of Modern Science Knowledge. M., 1973.
  • Philosophy and Theory of Evolution. M., 1974.
  • Interaction of Natural Sciences Methods in Cognition of Life. M., 1976.
  • Problem of Correlation of Organization and Evolution in biology (Russian- Polish research). M., 1978.
  • Biology and culture. M, 2004.
  • System approach in modern science. M, 2004.
  • Modernization of society and ecology. M, 2006.
  • Hiên Dai Hõa Xã Hôi Vā Sinн Tнái, HG Hõi, 2008.
  • Science philosophy. Release 13. Health as problem of natural and biomedical sciences. M, 2008.
  • Nature philosophy today (Russian-Polish research). M, 2009.
  • Russia: variety of cultures and globalization., M globalization, 2010.
  • Globalization phenomenon in a context of dialogue of cultures (The Russian-Iranian research). M, 2010.
  • Interaction of cultures in the conditions of globalization (The Russian-Azerbaijani research). M, 2010.
  • Sciences about life and modern philosophy. M, 2010.
  • Globalization and problem of preservation of cultural diversity. M, 2010.
  • The philosophical bases of ecological education during an era of nanotechnologies. M, 2012.
  • The philosophical bases of ecological education during an era of nanotechnologies// Ed. I.K.Liseev. — M: "Canon+", 2014.
  • V.I.Vernadsky's philosophical ideas and present. The collection of articles and materials of the conference devoted to the 150 anniversary of V.I.Vernadsky. Moscow. On March 25-26, 2013, Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Some other publications

  • Ecology as a way to unite knowledge about natural and social in man // Epistemology and philosophy of science. 2020. Vol. 57. No. 4. P. 133-137.
  • New methodological and ontological accents in the development of modern life sciences // Problems of Philosophy. 2020. No. 9. P. 99-105.
  • V.I.Vernadsky: from the unity of knowledge to the kingdom of reason (civilizational motives) // Problems of civilizational development. 2020. Vol. 2. No. 1. P. 20-34.
  • From Bogdanov's Organizational Insights to the Search for a Modern Concept of Organization // Russian Studies in Philosophy. Vol. 57. No 6. 2019. P. 1-10. DOI: (SCOPUS).
  • To the origins of the formation of the scientific and civilizational choice of Russia // Russian world: dynamics of scientific knowledge. Arzamas: Russkiy Mir Foundation. 2019. 492 p. P. 48-51.
  • On the epistemological role of the concept of "dialogue" in the problem of dialogue between cultures // Dialogue of cultures and challenges of the modern era. Moscow: Kanon +, 2019. 526 p. P. 228-233 (co-author - Smetanina T.A.)