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  Lidiya V. Fesenkova
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Lidiya V. Fesenkova


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Lidiya V. Fesenkova



Date and place of birth

1929, Moscow, Russian Federation


Moscow State University, philosophy department.  Graduate school at The Institute of the Natural History and Technology (INHT)


Sphere of interest

Philosophical aspects of biology and ecology,  methodology of science, the problem of a human being, the Russian idea, esoterism, cosmism


 Professional activity  

Senior staff scientist (1966) of The Institute of Philosophy of The Russian Academy of Sciences.

Editor-in-chief and coauthor of many scientific publications.

The methodological analysis of the influence of the biological knowledge on culture was carried out.

The role of Darwinism and systematic approach in a world outlook was analyzed.

The problem of utopianism in connection with modern social and ecological situation was raised. The necessity of a creation of a new paradigm, that could change our attitude to the problem “human being – nature”,  was grounded. The difficulties of its realization were studied and methodological tasks, which emerge in the time of inoculation of a new value system in mass mentality, were raised.

The role of idea of universal evolutionism in the modern models of the development of the society was analyzed. Globalization in Russia was examined.

The methodological difficulties of the creation of an integral theory of health by the example of widely-spread “synthetic health theory” – valeology, were shown.

Scientific projects

  1. About Modern Status of the Idea of Global Evolutionism.  M., 1986
  2. Russian Cosmism and  Modern Times. M., 1990
  3. Human Being. Cosmos. Evolution. (Traditions of Russian religious Philosophy and the Modern Times). M., 1993
  4. Global Evolutionism (Philosophical Analysis). M., 1994
  5. The Philosophy of Russian Cosmism (co-author A.P.Ogurtsov). M., Foundation New Millennium, 1996
  6. Life as a Value. M., 2000
  7. Discourses of  Esotericism. Philosophical Analysis. M., 2001
  8. The Strategy of Survival. (Cosmism and Ecology). M., 2010




  • The Theory of Evolution and its Reflection in Culture. M., 2008
  • Methodological Aspects of the Investigation of Llife in Space.  “Science”, M., 1976
  • Scientific Picture of the World and the Problem of  Life in the Universe. M., 1986

Scientific articles

  • Futurological hypotheses about the living: from revolutionary pessimism to quasi-scientific optimism // Cultural heritage of Russia. 2020. No. 3. P. 27-34 (1)
  • Noospheric future of humanity: scientific foresight or quasi-scientific myth? // Man. 2019. Vol. 30. No. 1. P. 66-74.
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