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October 17,  Moscow Lomonosow State University 

Fellows of the Department took part at the Round Table "Proclus and the problems of late Neoplatonism" organised by the Chair of the History of Philosophy of the Moscow Lomonosow University. The meeting was devoted to the publication of the first Russian translation of Proclus' "Commentary on Plato's Timeus" prepared by a member of Department Svetlana V. Mesyats. 


May 30, Institute of Philosophy  RAS

Lecture of Prof. Michael Chase (CNRS, Paris) "Boethius on Eternity, Time, Providence and Philosophy as a way of life"


April 12, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow

The session «Platonic Gnosis» was organized as part of the international symposium «Ways of Gnosis: Mystic and Esoteric Traditions from Antiquity to Present Time». 


April 5, Moscow Lomonosow State University

Fellows of the Centre took part in a round table ΠΛΑΤΩΝ organized by Logos journal and the Centre for Contemporary Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Philosophical Department of Moscow State University. Scholars from the Institute of Philosophy, Russian State University for the Humanities, and Philosophical Department of Moscow State University, as also the editors of Logos, a journal for contemporary philosophy, discussed the possibilities of  "non-classical" interpretations of Plato. The speakers were: Irina Protopopova, Alexey Gloukhov, Michail Mayatsky, Andrei Rossius, Svetlana Mesyats, Valery Petroff, Maya Petrova, Dmitry Bugai. Moderator: Alexander Bikbov.  

After the discussion the was a presentation of the Platonic section of Logos journal № 6 (2013), as also the presentation of the books recently published by the CAMPaS: 

• ΠΛΑΤΩΝΙΚΑ ΖΗΤΗΜΑΤΑ. Studies in the History of Platonism. Ed. by Valery V. Petroff. Moscow: Krugh, 2013.
• Proclus. Commentary in Timaeus. Book I. Translation, foreword, and notes by Svetlana Mesyats. Moscow: Museum Graeco-Latinum, 2012.
• Macrobius. Saturnalia. Translation by Vitold Zvirevich. Edited with introduction and notes by Maya Petrova. Moscow: Krugh, 2013.


March 12-13 Institute of Philosophy RAS

The members of Department took part in the organization of the international conference «Interpretations of Philosophical and Theological Thought of Aristotle in European Philosophical Culture». This was done in cooperation with University of Sorbonne (Paris-IV) St  Tikhon's Orthodox  University Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy.

The papers deliveres at the session held at the Institute of Philosophy: Enrico Berti (president of International Institute of Philosophy, Paris) «La notion de théologie et la conception de la téléologie chez Aristote»; Eugeny Orlov (Institute  of Philosophy and Law of the Siberian Branch of Russian  Academy of  Sciences;  Novosibirsk State  University) «Aristotle's Criticism of Dichotomy»; Valery Petroff (Institute of Philosophy at the Russian Academy of Sciences) «The Teaching on the εἶδος of the Changing Body in the Aristotelian Tradition and Christian Eschatology: Alexander of Aphrodisias, Origen, Methodius of Olympus, Gregory of Nyssa, Philoponus»;  Marie-Odile Boulnois (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Section des sciences religieuses, Paris) «L’utilisation de la logique aristotélicienne chez Cyrille d’Alexandrie»;  Svetlana Mesyats (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences) «Aristotle on the Nature of Colour»; Andrei Rossius (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences) «Criticism of Aristotelian Physics in the Works of Bernardino Telesio andf Giordano Bruno»; Galina Vdovina (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences) «Aristotle or Saussure? The Problem of Written Signs in the 17th Century Semiotic Treatises» etc.