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September 6-8 

International conference «Plato and Platonism in European Culture» was held. The conference was organized by The Institute "Russian School of Anthropology"Philosophy Department of the State University - Higher School of EconomicsSt Petersburg Plato Philosophical Society, Centre for Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy and Science (Institute of Philosophy RAS). Conference Programme.


May 21 

 Round Table «Reception and transformation of the Natural Sciences of Antiquity in the Middle Ages and Modern Times" organised by Centre of Gender Studies (IWH RAS) and Centre of Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy and Science (IPhRAS).  

March 29 

 Presentation of the first two volumes of the Russian Edition of Giordano Bruno's Philosophical Works.  The project manager and the chief translator is Dr. Andrey Rossius. The prominent European and Russian scholars took part in the Presentation. 


January 24 

 As a part of the ΧΧth  International Christmas Educational Readings in the Institute of Philosophy RAS  the section "Theology and the Humanities" was organised by the Centre of the Ancient and Mediaeval Philosophy and Science.