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The sector holds ongoing theoretical seminar on Philosophy of Science (leader - E.A.Mamchur, A.Yu. Sevalnikov).


April 26, 2018 a joint meeting of the Department of Philosophical Problems in Natural Science and the Department of Interdisciplinary Problems in the Advance of Science and Technology was held. Speaker - Academician Stepin V.S. "Types of systems and categorical matrices of their knowledge and technology of development."

January 18, 2018 the report of M.G. Godarev-Lozovsky (Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education) "From Relativity to Infinity and Quantum Mechanics."

January 23, 2018, the sector holds a Round Table "The Philosophy of Natural Science in the USSR: Losses and Acquisitions" (as part of the series of scientific events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the revolution year "Revolution, Evolution and Dialogue of Cultures").


In the frames of this Seminar  such talks took place in 2017:L.G. Antipenko "Ontology of time". Abstracts; A.Yu.Seval'nikov "Time: Aristotle, Hegel and Heidegger"; V.N.Bingi "On the correlation between the magnitude and the reproducibility of the physical effects of consciousness." Abstracts; D.Sc. Seval'nikova A.Yu. "Time as the realization of the possible"; Doctor of Phys.-Math. Sciences, leading research associate of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University Alexander Panovich "Problem SETI: current state"; V.N.Morozov, Ph.D., Researcher of the University of Trir (Trir, Germany), Visiting researcher at the Academy of European Intellectual History (Bernkastel-Kus, Germany) "The Nature of Matter in the Natural Philosophy of Paracelsus".


In the frames of this Seminar  such talks took place in 2016: L.G.Antipenko "Ontology of time"; Yu.V.Chernovitskaya (with A.Yu.Sevalnikov) "Genesis of the modern scientific paradigm and its features"; E.A.Mamchur "Aristotelian topos and modern physics"; L.G. Antipenko "About the ontological status of physical and mathematical creativity"; A.A.Krushanov "Is our universe evolving?; I.A.Karpenko "The problem of time in the modern physical theories"; L.G.Antipenko "Quantum truth"; O.E.Baksansky "Neurophysiological foundation of cognitive processes"; V.D.Erekaev "The new interpretation of interactions and its cosmological implications"; S.A.Vekshenov "Abstract dynamic structure of quantum mechanics."

March 1, 2016 held a roundtable on "Did quantum mechanic say "goodbye" to reality?" (Round table was prepared with the support of the RHF, a research project № 14-03-00452 and "The problem of the new ontology in modern physical knowledge")

In the frames of this Seminar  such talks took place in 2015: A.V.Chusov "Heidegger and the science", I.A.Mikhailov "Heidegger and the science", V.D.Zakharov "Heidegger and the science"; A.V.Belinskiy "Photon: a mathematical abstraction or a physical reality?"; A.V.Rodin "Einstein Program realism and new foundations of mathematics"; N.N.Murzin "Art and truth" in Heidegger's "aletheia" and Nietzsche's perspectivism". More information., A.Yu.Sevalnikov "Causality and teleonomizm in quantum theory: a new look at old problems"; Yu.V.Chernovitskaya (with A.Yu.Sevalnikov) "Social and cultural background changes ontological concepts from the era of modern times to the twentieth century"; V. D.Erekaev "Modern problems of quantum theory"; I.Yu.Nezhdanov "Information war in internet (how to do it)"; L.G.Antipenko "Quantum approach to the understanding of time"; E.A.Mamchur "On the ontological status of unobservable entities in physics"; N.N.Murzin "Art and truth" Aletheia "Heidegger and Nietzsche's perspectivism"; A.V.Rodin "Einstein Program realism and new foundations of mathematics"; A.V.Belinsky "Photon: mathematical abstraction or physical reality?"; A.A.Krushanov "The historical dynamics of the universe as cosmogenesis".


In the frames of this Seminar  such talks took place in 2014: A.Yu.Sevalnikov "What and how to describe the quantum theory?" (with the discussion of M.Kumara's book "Quantum"); A.I.Lipkin "Foundations and interpretation of quantum mechanics"; L.G.Antipenko "Results complete solution of the Dirac equation (philosophical aspect); S.A.Pavlov "About the concept of logical-semantic monism"; S.N. Konyaev about I.A.Akchurin; I.Dvorkin (Center Chase Jerusalem University) "The philosophy of dialogue and foundation of theoretical physics."

In the frames of seminar "Actual problems of the philosophy of science and technology" the report of A.V.Rodin "Axiomatic method as a means of scientific knowledge" and the presentation of A.V.Rodin's new book  "Axiomatic Method and Category Theory" (Andrei Rodin, Axiomatic Method and Category Theory, Springer, Synthese Library vol. 364 , 2014 ) .; content or content

With the participation of A.Rodin organize the seminar "Russia as it is" on the topic: "Ukraine - not Russia. Look outside and inside." (Participants: political scientist A.Okara  , philosopher A.Rodin, journalist I.Svinarenko).

Rodin A.V. organized Workshop "Categories and ontologies for knowledge representation." (September 2014). English version

As part of the Seminar of the Branch for the Philosophy of Science and Technology  for the participation of the following activities were carried out in 2013:

  1. International Roundtable "Do the new physics to explain the brain and consciousness?" with Professor at Oxford University, author of "New Mind of the King", "Reason Shadows" and "Way to Reality" of Sir Roger Penrose.
    The participants of the round table: Corresponding Member of the RAS K.V.Anokhin (Kurchatov Institute), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.A.Lektorsky (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, M.B.Mensky (Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences), A.D.Panov (Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Moscow State University), T.V.Chernigovskaya (St. Petersburg State University and Kurchatov Institute). Moderator - Ph.D. in philosophy, Senior Research Fellow of philosophical problems of natural science A.Rodin. Staff of the Department took part in work of a round table. 
  2. Report - Oleskin A. (Moscow State University) "Network structure in biological systems and in human society."
  3. Report - Panov A. (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University), "Quantum Reality, computability and Penrose's theorem about artificial intelligence."

In November 22-24 2012 the special Seminar on the theme "The problems of reality and realism in contemporary natural scienses"was repared. Some foreing scientists had been invited to take part in it. Among them the American philosopher (Boston University) Tian Yu Cao. The special subject of prof. Cao was the problems of structural realism.

In the frames of this Seminar  such talks took place in 2012: I.G.Melik-Gaykazyan "Information and Reality"; S.N.Konyayev "The problem of reality in the works of modern physics"; A.Yu.Sevalnikov «Unknown pages of the German nuclear project (1939-1945 гг). Vienna group»; A.V.Rodin «Mathematics, Physics and Metaphysics after Kant»; M.B.Mensky "Quantum mechanics of Everett and concept of reality"; A.D.Panov. "Quantum mechanics. Reality. Computation"; A.Eliovich. "Are we on the threshold of the new scientific revolution"; P.B.Ivanov "The role of energy in terms of general relativity and the possibility of a perpetual motion machine of the third kind in the theories that violate the weak energy condition". In 2013: V.D.Erekaev "Philosophy of physics: matter and peculiarities";  L.G.Antipenko "The problem of physical reality forty years later"; A.A.Krushanov "Paradoxical picture of the world of transdisciplinary research"; V.V. Aristov "Statistical relational concept of space-time, A.Yu.Sevalnikov "Quantum mechanics and the philosophy".