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Maria Varlamova

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Year and Place of Birth


1984, Izhevsk

 ORCID: 0000-0002-8667-2494

 ResearcherID: F-6205-2017

 Scopus Author ID: 56404715900

 RSCI SPIN: 3021-0052, Author ID: 558343


  • B.A. in Philosophy – The St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy, May 2005.

    Thesis: Human Being and Human Praxis (a Case Study of Ancient Poetic and Philosophy).

  • M.A. in Philosophy – Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities, Saint Petersburg, May 2006.
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy – St. Petersburg State University, September 2013.

    Thesis: Dynamis as a Cause of Movement in Aristotle’s Physics.


 Research interests

Ancient Greak and Roman Philosophy, the History of Physics, the History of Biology and Medicine, Peripatetic Tradition

  • October 2009 - July 2010: DAAD Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists. Scholarship at Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany.


  • Since 2015: Research fellow, Scientific and Educational Centre of Problems of Religion, Philosophy and Culture to SUAI, St. Petersburg.
  • Since 2020: Associated Research Fellow, IPhRAS, Moscow

Participation at the research projects

  • 2020–2022: “The Treatise of John Philoponus “On the Creation of the World” in the Context of the Middle Eastern Syrian-Palestinian and Byzantine Theological Traditions”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2020–2022: “Mind, Soul and Body Relations in Late Ancient Commentaries on Aristotle”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2018–2020: “Two Beginnings in the History of Metaphysics: the First Philosophy of Aristotle and the Ontology of John Duns Scotus”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2018–2019: “Soul and Semen as a Causes of Embryo’ Development: The Problem of Physical Unity in the Process of Generation”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2017–2019: “Nature and movement in the “Commentary on the Physics of Aristotle” by Michael Psellos”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2016–2018: “The Followers of John Duns Scotus in the XIVth-XVIth Centuries’ Scholasticism: Problems of Epistemology and Metaphysics”. Supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

  • 2015–2016: “The Controversy Concerning the Eternity of the World as one of the important lines for the Formation of Christian science”. Supported by Presidential Research Grants Council, Russian Federation.

  • 2012–2014: “The Function of Concept of Power/Possibility in Aristotle's Natural Philosophy”. Supported by Russian Humanitarian Research Foundation.






  • “Semen and Soul as a Causes of Embryogenesis in Aristotle”. The Second International Congress of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science “Science as a Public Good”. Saint Petersburg State University, 28th November 2020, St. Petersburg.

  • “How the Soul moves the Body? The Definition of the Soul as an Efficient Cause of Bodily Motion in Alexander of Aphrodisias”. 8nd Moscow International Platonic Conference, Russian State University for the Humanities, 27th November 2020, Moscow.

  • “Soul as a Form of Body in Alexander of Aphrodisias”. The 28th International Conference “The Universe of Platonic Thought. Plato and Rhetoric”, Institute of Human Philosophy of Harzen University, 26th June 2020, St. Petersburg.


  • “The dialectics of the principles of coming to be in the Commentary of Michael Psellos(?) on Aristotle’s Physics”. The 7nd Moscow International Platonic Conference, Russian State University for the Humanities, 15 November 2019, Moscow.
  • “Ontological structure of being in the Peripatetic metaphysics: the relation of the universal nature of being and an individual thing”. International conference “Metaphysics and Post-Metaphysical Thought”, RAS Institute of Philosophy, 22-23 October 2019, Moscow.
  • “Philoponus’ arguments on animation of the embryo in on Aristotle On the Soul”. International Conference “Paideia, State, Man: Anthropology in Platonic tradition”, Institute of Human Philosophy of Herzen University, 28 June 2019, St. Petersburg.
  • “Time as a measure of motion in Aristotle's cosmology”. Annual Conference of the School of Philosophy “The modes of thinking, the ways of speaking”, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), 22-26 April 2019, Moscow. 






  • The First Mover as a Cause of Movement and as a Source of Order in the Universe. ΣΧΟΛΗ. Ancient Philosophy and the Classical Tradition, 9-1 (2015), 73-80.