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  Sergei I. Bazhov
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Sergei I. Bazhov


Sergei I. Bazhov


Reseacher ID: J-5984-2018


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Professor of State Academy of Slavonic Culture



Field of Studies

  •  the history of Russian philosophy of the XIX-XX centuries;
  • Russian philosophical culture: traditions and modernity;
  • philosophical views of the Slavophiles, N.Ya. Danilevsky, K.N. Leontiev, F.M. Dostoevsky;
  • works of P.I. Novgorodtsev.


Professional appointments

  •  Deputy Head of the Department of the History of Russian Philosophy, 1994 - present time;
  • Professor of the Department of Slavic Studies and Cultural Studies of the GASK (ISK), 1994 - present time;
  • Senior Research Fellow at the IPhRAS, 1993 - present time.


Research projects

Sofia issues in the history of Russian art. Grant of the RFBR (participant), 2015-2017