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Epistemology and Philosophy of Science is devoted to the themes in modern epistemology, philosophy and history of science, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind.

Epistemology and Philosophy of Science is aimed to be the unique platform for current discussions between philosophers and researchers from the all fields of scientific knowledge.

The journal’s fundamental mission is to support and publish various current reflections and researches that aim at investigating, analyzing, interpreting or philosophically explaining the nature of human knowledge and the contemporary tendencies in natural, human and social studies’ in their epistemological dimension.

The great attention is paid to the current researches and discussions on the traditional philosophical problem of the origins of knowledge and the problem of the nature of language and mind. Recognizing them as the core problems of philosophy we’re trying to show their applied meaning for epistemology and science studies.

One of the most important purposes of the journal is the contribution to the fruitful dialogue between science and philosophy that seems to be especially demanded in the modern world. So, we welcome interdisciplinary approaches to epistemology and philosophy of science that borrow methods from allied disciplines – both from social and natural studies– and allow the use of philosophical methods in the theoretical analysis of scientific problems.

The journal intends to promote all methods, perspectives and traditions in the philosophical analysis of knowledge and science. We approve the case-study researches which tend to combine the in-depth and detailed examination of the scientific problem with the analysis of the related general philosophical, social and cultural context.

Epistemology and Philosophy of Science supports the idea of keeping the wide audience informed about the most current processes in philosophy and science. So, reviews of the recent books on related topics, translations of research articles or classical philosophical articles and books which haven’t been published in Russian are warmly welcomed on the pages of our journal.  The reviews of conferences and significant events in philosophy are also approved.