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  Igor F. Mikhailov
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Igor F. Mikhailov

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Михайлов Игорь Феликсович

Date and place of birth


1961, Moscow



Academic Degrees


Candidate of Philosophy





Moscow State University, Philisophical Faculty





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Research interests

  • Humans and their natural intelligence
  • Theory and techniques of artificial intelligence (AI), their perspectives and humanitarian dimension
  • Perception, understanding, operation with meanings, choice and decision-making, and all life's capacities in terms of their computational and technical reproducibility
  • Methodology of interdisciplinary cogintive studies
  • The role of sociality and communication in shaping and explaining the intellectual and cognitive human functions
  • Cognitive grounds of sociality
  • The meta-network theory of mind and society

Lecture courses

  • philosophy
  • history and philosophy of science
  • logic and methodology
  • social and political science: anthropology, culture studies

(in: Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration)



The most important recent publications:
Other publications:
  • Subject, subjectivity, culture (to Socio-Cultural Determination of Knowlege) // Filosofskiye Nauki, 1987 (6)
  • Man as the Subject of Knowledge and Culture (abstracts) // Human Factor: the Essense, Patterns of Development and Ways of Activization. Moscow, 1987
  • Contradictions in the Development of Culture under Socialism // Actual Contradictions of the Development of Socialist Society. Moscow, 1989
  • Socio-Cultural Foundations of Power Relations (abstracts) // Power in Socialist Society: Theory, History, Perspectives. Moscow, 1989
  • Socio-Cultural Determination of the Activity of the Subject of Knowledge (Dissertation for the degree of  Candidate of Philosophy). Moscow State University, 1991
  • Rationality of Myth // Pokoleniye (2) 1993
  • Wittgenstein and the Problem of Mystical Experience // Philisophical Ideas of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Ed. by Doc. M. S. Kozlova. Moscow, 1996
  • Heritage of the Soviet 'Critical Marxism' and the Problem of Thought // Voprosy Filosofii, 2011 (5)
  • Culturology of Spirituality. A Few Words on Recent Works by V. Zh. Kelle // Lichnost. Kultura. Obshchestvo. Vol. XIII. Issue 1 (61 - 62) 2011
  • On V. Zh. Kelle's Philosophy of Culture (editor's afterword) // V. Zh. Kelle. Intellectual and Spiritual in Culture. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2011
  • Communication Theory: From Humean Problem to Humane Knowledge // Man Before and Nowadays. Moscow, IPhRAS, 2011