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Department of Methodology of the Interdisciplinary Study of Man

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Head of the DepartmentDSc in Philosophy, Professor  Marina Kiseleva


The department was founded in 2005.

Theme of research of The Department for 2021-2024: "Cognition, consciousness, language, text in the context of modern cognitive sciences and interdisciplinary human research".

Topics of the sector's work:

2005-2010 - "Man in the past and present: an interdisciplinary study".

2011-2015 - "A man in a situation of choice: interdisciplinary research"

2016-2020 - "The man and his time: interdisciplinary problems".

Main trends of research

  • Methodology of the interdisciplinary study of man in past and present: history of philosophy, sociological aspects of culture, of politics and psychology, history of culture.
  • The problem of human choice. Choice and selection in nature and society. The communication aspect of choice where meet intellectual history, social philosophy, globalistics, ecology, sociology, culturology, synergetics.
  • Human choice and the transformation of the modern society. Typology of choice. The situation of choice. Human and natural factors in the situations of choice. The part of communication in formation and explanation of intellectual and cognitive abilities of man.
  • Methodology of post non-classical study of man: practical aspects of communication ontology, dynamic interrelationship of man and the world, interactive topos of man, intersubjective communications, technologies of synergic effect.
  • Human potential in developing Russia: the young generation as a resource for innovational development and the problem of effectiveness of innovational strategies. The chances to reduce the danger for social and physical health of man.
  • Human as the bearer of natural intelligence. Theory and technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), their trends and humanitarian aspects. Methodology of interdisciplinary study of AI: the problem of the effectiveness of humanitarian expertise, the enlargement of human resources.
  • Human in the Internet environment: the problem of socialization and communication; the potential of internet for information and education; axiological aspects of development of internet technologies; the social effects of manipulative strategies and the danger of their use in education, mass-media etc.


Yearbook: Human in Past and Present (2008-2014). Editor in Chief: M.S. Kiseleva.


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Research projects

Interactive Plus’: A research project is meant to integrate the work of specialists in science, humanities and education for development and analysis of humanitarian aspects of computer technologies and net communications, for the study of the optimal conditions for the formation of the interactive topos of man, for the creation of technologies of the humanitarian expertise.

International cooperation

  • Common projects with the Centre of Humanitarian Education of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.                           
  • Common work with the Branch for Humanities and Arts of the Academy of Science of Moldova. 



Adress: Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

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