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Andrey D. Maidansky

Майданский Андрей Дмитриевич
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Year and place of birth


February 1, 1966. Taganrog.




  • Faculty of Philosophy of Rostov-on-Don State University, 1983 - 1988.




  • Ph.D., 1993. Thesis: «Logic and phenomenology of communication»;
  • D.Sc. in Philosophy, 2001. Thesis: «The problem of the universal logical method in the works of Descartes and Spinoza».


Academic ranks
  • Professor (NRU BelSU), 2018;
  • Assistant professor, 1995.
Professional appointments
  • Associate Research Fellow in the Department of the history of Russian philosophy, Institute of philosophy RAS (Moscow, Russia), 2018 - present time;
  • Professor at Belgorod State National Research University, 2018 - present time;
  • Visiting Researcher at the University of Turin (Italy), 2017;
  • Member of the research group of the history of philosophy of the Soviet and post-Soviet period, Institute of philosophy RAS (Moscow, Russia), 2016 - present time;
  • Associate Research Fellow in the Department of Humanitarian Expertise and Bioethics, Institute of philosophy RAS (Moscow, Russia), 2016 - 2018;
  • Professor at Belgorod State National Research University, 2012 - present time;
  • Visiting Researcher at the Alexander Institute of the University of Helsinki (Finland. Grant Aleksanteri Institute), 2011 - 2012;
  • Research work at the College of Advanced Studies, University of Helsinki (Finland. Grant by the Kone Foundation), 2010.
Field of Studies
  • the history of Soviet philosophy;
  • Spinoza's philosophy;
  • Marx and Marxist philosophy.
Research projects
  • "Cultural and historical psychology in the archives of its creators". Grant of the Russian Science Foundation No. 20-18-00028 (project manager)
  • “Preparation for printing of unpublished works by E.V. Ilyenkov of the 60-70s from the archive of the philosopher". Grant of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation No. 17-03-00160a (project participant), 2017 - 2019;
  • "Soviet philosophy of consciousness of the 1950s and 80s: concepts, hypotheses, debates". RFBR grant No. 20-011-00646a (project manager).
Scientific and organizational work
  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference "Ilyenkov Readings", 2007 - present time;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the magazine "Science. Art. Culture", 2015 - present time;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the magazine «Scientific reports of BelSU: Philosophy. Sociology. Right», 2013 - present time;
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the magazine «The scientific result. Series: Social and Humanitarian Studies», 2013 - present time;
  • Scientific Committee Member, Spinoziana Book Series (Mimesis Publishing House, Milan), 2014  - present time;
  • Russian coordinator of the Spinoza Bibliographie project of the German Spinoza Society (Spinoza-Gesellschaft e.V.) and Frommann-Holzboog Publishing House, 2007 - present time.


  • Philosophy of Science. Textbook (co-authored with S.N. Mareev and E.V. Mareeva). M.: Infra-M, 2010. 333 p.;
  • Benedict Spinoza: pro et contra / Entrance. article, comp. and comm. A.D. Maidansky. SPb: RCAA, 2012. 814 p.;
  • Reading Spinoza. Saarbrücken: LAP, 2012. 311 p.;
  • Spinoza B. A treatise on the purification of intelligence. Biographies of Spinoza / Compiled by A.D. Maidan. M.: INFRA-M, 2016. 338 p.;
  • Benedict Spinoza. The power of the mind: with comments and explanations / Comp., Foreword., Comment. A. Maidansky. M.: Publishing house AST, 2019. 320 p.





  • Hegel, Marx and the Fury of the Revolution (plenary report) // Conference “The Heritage of G.V.F. Hegel in the history of philosophy and culture. To the 250th anniversary of the philosopher". St. Petersburg, SPbSU, November 14-16, 2019;
  • At the origins of radical Enlightenment: Spinoza's “invisible college” (plenary report) // Conference “What is a community? Social hermeneutics, power and media”. Belgorod, NRU BelSU, October 21-22, 2019;
  • “Education and nature: the lessons of the Zagorsky experiment” (plenary report) // XX International Scientific Conference “Ilyenkov Readings”. Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University, April 19, 2018;
  • «Hegel in the Mirrors of Soviet Philosophy: From Love to Hate and Back Again» (plenary report) // Philosophical Congress «32th International Hegel Congress». Finland, Tampere, January 15, 2018;
  • “The phenomenology of labor and the fury of the revolution (on the idealism of the political theory of Marx)” (plenary report) // Conference “There is no right to rebellion”. Kant and the problem of revolution in political philosophy. Kalliningrad, November 9, 2017;
  • “Cain's Way to Freedom: Voloshin, Lifshits and Ilyenkov on the Russian Revolution” (plenary report) // Conference “Philosophy and Literature: Russian Tragedy in Optics of the 2017 Jubilee”. Moscow, HSE, June 2, 2017.

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