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  Nadezhda Mankovskaya
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Nadezhda Mankovskaya

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Degrees: Ph. Dr. in Philos.

 Ph. Dr. Dissertation: The Problem of Artistic Creativeness in Albert Camus’ Aesthetics (1974, Aesthetics, MGU)

Degress: Pr. in Philos. 

Doctor of Science Dissertation: "Artist and Society" Problem in Contemporary French Aesthetics (1988, Aesthetics, IPhRAS)




Medal "In honor of the 850's anniversary of Moscow"


Fields of research


Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Cultural Researches  


Professional appointments 


Principal research associate in the Department of Aesthetics (IPhRAS from 1978 until present), professor in the Department of Aesthetics, History, and Theory of Culture (S.A. Gerasimov All-Russian State University of Cinematography - VGIK from 1988 until present)



Continuous supervision of graduate students at the Department of Aesthetics



                              Full-sized Monographs


— Hudoznik i obshestvo. Kriticheski analiz koncepciy v sovremennoy francuzskoy estetike. (Artist and Society. Critical Analysis of Conceptions in Contemporary French Aesthetics). Moscow: Iskusstvo, 1985. – 208 pp.

—  “Parizh so zmeyami”: Vvedeniye v estetiku postmodernisma. (“Paris with Snakes”: Introduction to Postmodern Aesthetics). Moscou: IPhRAS, 1995 – 220 pp.

— Estetika postmodernisma. (Postmodern Aesthetics). Saint-Petersbourg: Aleteya, 2000. – 347 pp.

— Fenomen postmodernisma. Hudojestvenno-esteticheskiy rakurs.(Phenomenon of Postmodernism. Artistic-Aesthetic Aspect). Moscow - Saint- Petersbourg, Universitetskaya kniga, 2009. – 495 pp.

— Trialog: Razgovor Perviy ob estetike, sovremennom iskusstve i krizice kulturi. (Trialog: First Conversation about Aesthetics, Contemporary Art and Crisis of Culture). Moscow: IphRas, 2007. – 239 pp. (In Cooperation with V. Bychkov, V. Ivanov).

— Trialog: Razgovor Vtoroy o filosofii iskusstva v raznih izmereniyah. (Trialog: Second Conversation about Art Philosophy in Different Dimentions). Moscow: IPhRAS, 2009. 212 pp. (In Cooperation with V. Bychkov, V. Ivanov).

— Sovremennoe iskusstvo kak fenomen technogennoj civilizatsii.(Contemporary Art as Phenomenon of Technogenerating Civilization). Moscow: VGIK, 2011. – 208 pp. (In Cooperation with V. Bychkov)
— Trialog: Zhivaya estetika i sovremennaya filosofija iskusstva (Trialog: Living Aesthetics and Contemporary Philosophy of Art). Moscow: Progress-Traditsija, 2012. 840 pp., ill. (In Cooperation with V. Bychkov, V. Ivanov, occasional participation by O. Bychkov).

Trialog 2: Iskusstvo v prostranstve esteticheskogo opita (Trialog: Art in the space of aesthetic experience). Moscow: Progress-Traditsija, 2017. Book 1.  472 pp., ill. Book 2. 592 pp., ill (In Cooperation with V. Bychkov, V. Ivanov, occasional participation by O. Bychkov).


More than 380 scholary articles have been published inRussia,Belgium,Brazil,Chile,Finland,France,Lithuania,Rumania,Slavonia,USA,Yugoslavia. Guest Editor of Special Issue: Contemporary Aesthetics inRussia. Nadeshda B. Mankovskaya. Vol. 53, Issue 1, 2015 (USA).



Research Projects



— RFFI Research Project „Virtual Reality as Phenomenon of Contemporary Art

— RFFI Research Project “Contemporary Art as Phenomenon of Technogenerating Civilization. Experience of System Analysis

— RGNF Research Project “Non-Classical Forms of Artistic-Aesthetic Consciousness: a Chronotypology

KornewiSHCHe. A Book of Non-Classical Aesthetics. Moscow: IPhRAS, 1998. 248 pp. (English, French, Deutsch).
KornewiSHCHe 0B. Kniga neklassicheskoj estetiki. (RhiZOMe 0B. A Book of Non-Classical Aesthetics). Moscow: IPhRAS, 1998. 270 pp.

KornewiSHCHe 0A. Kniga neklassicheskoj estetiki. (RhiZOMe 0A.  A Book of Non-Classical Aesthetics).Moscow: IPhRAS, 1999. 303 pp.

KornewiSHCHe 2000. Kniga neklassicheskoj estetiki. (A Book of Non-Classical Aesthetics). Moscow: IPhRAS, 2000.  333 pp. Summary.

Lekcikon nonclassiki: Hudojestvenno-esteticheskaya kultura XX veka  (The Lexicon of Non-Classics: Twentieth-Century Artistic-Aesthetic Culture). Editorial Board: Victor BYCHKOV (author of the project), Oleg Bychkov, Ljudmila Bychkova, Nadia Mankovskaya. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2003. 607 pp. Summary.
— Estetika: Vchera. Segodnya. Vsegda(Aesthetics: Yesterday. Today. Always). Issues 1-5. Edited by V. Bychkov and N. Mankovskaya. Moscow: IPhRAS, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012.