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Department of Aesthetics

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Head of Department – Helen Petrovsky, Ph.D. (curriculum vitae)

Main research areas:

    Aesthetics and its transformations in the 21st century

    (comprehensive research project and seminar of the same name [click here]).
    The history of aesthetic thought.
    Religious aesthetics in Russia.


    Helen Petrovsky, Ph.D., Leading Research Fellow, Head of Department
    Oleg Aronson, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
    Victor Bychkov, D.Sc., Professor, Main Research Fellow
    Konstantin Dolgov, D.Sc., Main Research Fellow, Honored Scholar
    Nikolai Kormin, D.Sc., Leading Research Fellow
    Anatoly Lipov, Ph.D., Research Fellow

    Nadezhda Mankovskaya, D.Sc., Main Research Fellow

    Vera Maslova, Junior Research Fellow

    Alexandra Moskovskaya, Ph.D., Junior Research Fellow

    Nigina Sharopova, Junior Research Fellow

    Alexandra Volodina, Ph.D., Junior Research Fellow



    “Post-Non-Classical Aesthetics”, independent research group: V.V. Bychkov (head), N.B. Mankovskaya, N.A. Kormin (click here)

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For a more detailed account of the Department, its problematic and history see “Aesthetics in Russia: looking toward the twenty-first century”, article by Helen Petrovsky & Alexandra V. Volodina (click here)

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Department Periodicals:

Collection of essays Aesthetics: Yesterday. Today. Always (since 2005).

Displays from the Russian State Library exhibition “V.V. Bychkov. 40 Years of Academic Activity” (March 12–31, 2009).


Address: Moscow 109240, 12 Goncharnaya St., Bldg. 1, Room 507

Tel.: (495) 697-58-55