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  Galina B. Stepanova
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Galina B. Stepanova

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Galina B. Stepanova

Date and place of birth


1954. Moscow




Moscow State University, Psychological faculty



Academic Degrees 


Ph.D. in Psychology




ResearcherID: V-9066-2018
РИНЦ SPIN - 4376-3015AuthorID: 73183

Research interests

  • Human psychology and interdisciplinary research,
  • value orientations, 
  • creativity,
  • new technologies,
  • humanitarian education,
  • technocratic thinking,
  • motivation and self-realization of the personality in the modern hi-tech world.

Lecture course

  • Pedagogy and psychology of higher education

Professional activity

Senior Research Fellow



Main publications

 In Russian

  •  Revolution: personality and its time. Revolution, evolution and dialogue of cultures. Papers on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution at World Philosophy Day at  the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences on November 14 and 16, 2017 M.: GNOSIS, 2018. P.585-597.
  • The human potential of students in the innovative development of Russia. M.: Moscow Humanitarian University Publishing House, 2015 .- 192 p. (with Ashmarin I.I.).
  • The health problem in the research of B.G. Yudin. Chelovek, No. 4, 2018. P.110-124.
  • Ergonomics in the USSR: the experience of interdisciplinary research. Chelovek, No. 1, 2017. S.94-103.


  • The experience of conducting interdisciplinary research in Soviet ergonomics is analyzed. An interdisciplinary approach to health research, developed by B.G. Yudin, is considered. The role of the humanitarian component in understanding health is shown.
  • The opportunity of significant transformation of perspectives, ideals, stereotypes of behavior, life style if a person is experiencing the crucial events of the revolution as a personality crisis is shown
  • Internet as an environment with the properties of uncertainty and multi-variant and alternativeness which allows us to consider it as a condition conducive to the development and realization of creativity is analyzed. The idea of the Internet as a space in which experience of choice is formed is proposed.
  • Common areas of such phenomena as self-realization, motivation and choice of the person and some of their relationship is identified. Self-realization is to a large extent under the influence of a social situation, and the inner potential of the person, his motivation structure, value-semantic organization, which ultimately determines the possibility of his choice.