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  Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac. 2010-2011
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Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac. 2010-2011

Editorial Board

Vladimir K. Schokhin Moscow State University, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Editor) 
David Bradshow University of Kentucky (USA)
Abdusalam A. Guseinov Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
Marina O. Kedrova Moscow State University
Vladimir V. Mironov Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University
Alexey R. Fokin Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
Kirill V. Karpov Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 
Alexey P. Kozyrev Moscow State University
Michael J. Murray
University of Notre-Dame (USA)
Richard G. Swinburne Oxford University (Great Britain)





 Editorial Introduction


I. Philosophy of Religion as a Philosophical Discipline

Vladimir K. Schokhin. Philosophy of Religion and Varieties of Rational Theology

II. Philosophical Theology and Christian Tradition

Modern Philosophical Theism

Vladimir V. Mironov. The Relationship of Philosophy ans Religion and the Heritage of Hegel

Richard Swinburne. Christ's Atoning Sacrifice (transl. by Marina O. Kedrova)

Michael Rea. Hylomorphism and the Incarnation (transl. by Marina O. Kedrova)

Brian Leftow. The Humanity of God (transl. by Alexander V. Frolov)


Patristics and Scholasticism

 Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware). The Unity of the Human Person according to the Greek Fathers (transl. by Alexander Kyrlezew) 

Alexey R. Fokin. Rational Methods of Approaching the Mystery of God's Triunity in Latin and Greek Patristics

Richard Cross. Divine Simplicity and the Doctrine of the Trinity: Gregory of Nyssa and Augustine (transl. by Alexander V. Frolov)

David Bradshaw. Divine Freedom: The Greek Fathers and the Modern Debate (transl. by Marina O. Kedrova and Alexander V. Frolov)

Peter B. Mikhailov. Competence of Rationality in Theology: the Evidences of Greek Patristics

Catherine Regers. The Reality of Sin: Anselm's Unusual View

Robert C. Koons. Way Two and Three: Thomas Aquinas on the Intelligibility of Being (transl. by Galina V. Vdovina)

Tatiana Y. Boroday. Imagination in the Knowledge of God: from Antiquity to the Modern Times


Russian philosophy

Irina V. Tsvyk. Transcendental Monism of V.D. Kudryavtsev-Platonov

Alexey P. Kozyrev. Sophiology of Archpriest. Sergius Bulgakov: a "Theologema" or a "Philosophema"?


Orthodoxy in the Modern Context

Alexander Filonenko. Theology of Communion and Eucharistic Anthropology

Vladimir K. Shokhin. On Limits of Reason's Competence in Soteriology and Sacramentology: Some Non-Theological Reasonings

Kristina Stoeckl. Post-secular Subjectivity in the Western Philosophical Discussion and Orthodox Theology (transl. by Alexander Kyrlezev)


III. Classical Authors

Alexey R. Fokin. Philosophical Theology in Latin Patristics: Marius Victorinus' Treatise "Against Arius"

Marius Victorinus. Against Arius. Book III. (Transl. from Latin and Comments by Alexey R. Fokin)

Kirill V. Karpov. Status of Theological Knowledge in the Philosophy of Gregory of Rimini

Gregory of Rimini. Commentary on the First Book of "Sentences" of Peter Lombard. (Transl. from Latin and Comments by Kirill V. Karpov)

Andrey K. Sudakov. Baader, Kant, and the Possibility of Salvation

Franz von Baader. On Kant's Deduction of the Practical Reason and the Absolute Blindness of the Latter. (Transl. from German and Comments by Andrey K. Sudakov)

Peter B. Mikhailov. Jean Daniélou's Theology of History

Cardinal Jean Daniélou. Christianity and History. (Transl. from French and Comments by Peter B. Mikhailov)

IV. Book Reviews and Comments


Alexander S. Lyskov. "Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion" by M. Murray and M. Rea

Kirill V. Karpov. "God and Design. The Teleological Argument and Modern Science". Ed. by N. Manson

Sergey S. Pimenov. On the Tradition, Innovation and Theological Effort ("German Protestantism of the Twentoeth Century. Texts and Commentaries". Ed. by K.I. Ukolov)

Maria S. Sentchukova. Joseph Aryankalail on the Ways and Dead Ends of the Ecumenical Theology


Religious Studies

Alexander V. Frolov. Hermeneutical Approaches to the "Sacred" by R. Otto

Marina O. Kedrova. Alexander Krasnikov on Methodological Problems of Religious Studies

Ruzana V. Pskhu. "On the Mutual Influences and Relationship of Višişţādvaita Vedānta Paňcarata". Ed. by Gerhard Oberhammer and Marion Rastelli

Andrey P. Zabiyako. Putonghua of Chinese Mythology and Religion in the Encyclopedia "Spiritual Culture of China"

Christianity in the Twentieth Century

Natalia T. Eneeva. "The Church and the Third Reich" by L.N. Brovko

Vladimir K. Shokhin. "They Betrayed Him": Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on the Secon Vatican Council


V. Historiography

Natalya N. Trubnikova. The Issue of Old and New Buddhism of the Kamakura Era in Religious Studies