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Department of the Philosophy of Religion

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Head of the Department – Professor Vladimir K. Shokhin


The Department of Philosophy of Religion is a division of the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, devoted to researches in History of Philosophy of Religion, History of Theology, Religious Studies. The Department provides education in Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies at the State University for Humanities.


The Department was found at 1994 based on the Departments of Philosophy of Culture and Philosophical Classics and modernity.




Main Publications:

  • Shokhin V. Why is the Dialogue between Analytic Philosophy and “Postmetaphysicians” so Difficult? (remark) In Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Researches. 2021. 5(1). 173-181.
  • Šaňkara versus Sāňkhya:A Competition for the Vedic Heritage and Logical Rationality. Šaňkara, Brahmasûtrabhāṣya II.2.1–10, Trans. by Vladimir K. Shokhin. In Voprosy Filosofii. 2021. Vol. No. 7. P. 125–144.
  • Shokhin V. Modern Evolutionist Naturalism and Šaňkara’s Arguments Contra Sāňkhya. In Journal of Research in Philosophy and History. 2021. Vol.4. No.4. P. 5-19.
  • Shokhin V. The Narrative of Secularism and the Religion of German Enlightenment. In St. Tikhon’s University Review . Series I: Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2021. Vol. 96. P. 61–76.
  • Shokhin V. Theories of Redemption within Analytic Theology and Some Disregarded Metaphors. In Proceedings of the Department of Theology of the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy. 2021. No. 3 (11). P. 68–96.
  • Shokhin V. Axiology and Agathology. In Journal of Siberian Federal University. Humanities & Social Sciences. 2020. Vol. 13 (8). P.1370–1383.  DOI: 10.17516/1997-1370-0648.
  • Fokin A. The Doctrine of St. Ambrose of Milan on Logos as Creative Wisdom and Power in the Context of Ancient and Patristic Cosmology. In Khristianskoye Chteniye. 2021. No. 4. P. 107–124.
  • Fokin A. Natural Theology in Patristic Thought: Arguments for the Existence of God. In Natural Theology in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition. Eds. D. Bradshaw, R. Swinburne. St. Paul (Minnesota): IOTA Publications. 2021.
  • Fokin A. Metaphysics of the Divine Intellection in Marius Victorinus and its Possible Philosophical Sources. In Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Researches. 2020. 4(2). P. 91–128. DOI: 10.21146/2587-683X-2020-4-2-91-128.
  • Fokin A. Plotinus’ Doctrine on the Intellection and Consciousness of the One and Its Immediate Analogues. In Voprosy Filosofii. 2020. No. 9. P. 178‒189. DOI:
  • Fokin A. Aristotelian Concept of Providence According to the Evidence of ancient and early Christian Authors. In St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2020. Vol. 91. P. 57–74. DOI: 10.15382/sturI202091.57-74.
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  • Sudakov A. Fichte’s Ethics on Radical Evil. In Voprosy Filosofii. 2021. No. 8. P. 153–164.
  • Sudakov A. Kant and Belief in Miracles. In Proceedings of the Department of Theology of the Saint Petersburg Theological Academy. 2021. No. 2 (10). P. 68–90.
  • Sudakov A. Kant’s Religion and Belief in the Resurrection. In Gumanitarnye vedomosti TGPU im. L. N. Tolstogo. 2021. No.3(39). P. 33-50.
  • Sudakov A. Review: Aronson D.O. Deals of Reason: The Constitution of Kant’s Philosophy of Right. In History of Philosophy Yearbook / Istoriko-filosofskii ezhegodnik. 2021. No. 36. P. 419-429.
  • Sudakov A. "The archetype of humanity acceptable before God". Kant's philosophy of religion and the possibility of a philosophical Christology. In St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2020. Vol. 89. P. 69-87. DOI: 10.15382/sturI202089.69‒87.
  • Sudakov A. About One New Approach to Kant’s Philosophy of Religion. Voprosy Filosofii. 2020. No. 10. P. 170‒180. DOI: 10.21146/0042-8744-2020-10-170-180.
  • Sudakov A. J.G. Fichte’s Metaphysics of Gender as an Ethics of Love. Chelovek 31(5), P.54‒73 DOI: 10.31857/S023620070012389-4.
  • Sudakov A. Ethico-Theology without Postulates: Questioning the Prehistory of Kant’s Philosophical Theology. In RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 24(4). P. 637-656. DOI: 10.22363/2313-2302-2020-24-4-637-656.
  • Karpov K. Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Russian Reception of Aquinas. In The Oxford Handbook of the Reception of Aquinas. Ed. by Matthew Levering and Marcus Plested. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2021. P. 329-342.
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  • Samarina T.S. Joachim Wach and the Phenomenological Tradition in the Religious Studies. In Theological Bulletin. 2021. No. 2(42). P. 317-332.
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  • Samarina T.S. The Religious Studies System of Mircea Eliade: The Phenomenology of Religion or the Politics of Myth? In Theological Bulletin. 2021. No. 1(40). P. 284-299.
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  • Samarina T.S. Mysticism and the rational in R. Otto’s legacy. In St. Tikhon's University Review. Theology. Philosophy. Religious Studies. 2020. Iss. 90. P. 68‒84. DOI: 10.15382/sturI202090.68-84.
  • Samarina T.S. “The Idea of the Holy” by R. Otto: Analysis from a Religious Studies Point of View. In Khristianskoye Chteniye. 2020. No. 6, P. 156–165. DOI: 10.47132/1814-5574_2020_6_156.
  • Sleptsova V. Polemics on Concepts of Evil and Divine Providence in Jewish Medieval Philosophy: Cases of Gersonides and Crescas. In Ideas and Ideals.2021. Vol. 13. Iss. 3. Pt 1. P. 35-47.
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  • Sleptsova V. Concepts of “Possible” and “Necessary” in H. Crescas' Second Book of “Light of the Lord”. In Study of Religion(Religiovedenie). 2020. No. 3. P. 62-68. DOI: 10.22250/2072-8662.2020.3.62-68.
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  • Fokin A. The Formation of Trinitarian Doctrine in Latin Patristics. Moscow, 2014
  • Malevich T. Theories of Mystical Experience: Historiography and Prospects. Moscow, 2014
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  • Sudakov A.K. The wholeness of Live. Religious and philosophical thought of I.V. Kireevsky. Moscow: IPh RAS, 2011.
  • Shokhin V. Philosophy of religion and its historical forms (from Antiquity to the end of the Eighteenth Century). Moscow, 2010.
  • Fokin A. St. Jerome of Stridon. Biblical Scholar, Exegete, Theologian. Moscow, 2010.
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  • Balagushkin E. The Problem of Morphological Analisys of Religion. Moscow, 2003.
  • Balagushkin E. The Problem of Morphological Analisys of Religion (2nd half). Moscow, 2002.



Philosophy of Religion: Analytic Researches

Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac (2006-2015)

  • Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac 2014-2015. Moscow, 2015.
  • Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac 2012-2013. Moscow, 2013.
  • Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac 2010-2011. Moscow, 2011
  • Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac 2008-2009. Moscow, 2010.
  • Philosophy of Religion. An Almanac 2006-2007. Moscow, 2007.



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