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Department of “Philosophy of Culture and Religion” was founded in 1994 and was based on Departments of Philosophy of Culture and Philosophical Classics and modernity. Studies covered a variety of topics: religion, philosophy, religion and other forms of culture, the role of religion in the formation of the national spiritual life, the modern religious situation, as well as the interpretation of cultural studies as an independent science and the theory of gender studies.


Head of the Department was Lev Mitrokhin, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor. During the years department many famous researchers (such as: Arnoldov A.I., Lazareva A.N., Voronina O.A.) worked on a Department. Also on the basis of Department worked scientific groups.


Since 2005 the "Department of philosophy of Culture and Religion" has been renamed to "Department of Philosophy of Religion" and it was headed by Vladimir Shokhin.