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May 21, 2012. A workshop “Reception and Transformation of Ancient Natural Sciences in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age”, as part of a collaborative research project supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, was held at CAMPaS. The organizers of the workshop: Centre for Gender History (Institute of World History, RAS) and CAMPaS (Institute of Philosophy, RAS). Moderator of the workshop: Maya Petrova, DSc. See the programme.






March 29, 2012. The first two volumes from Giordano Bruno’s Collected Works in 7 volumes in Russian translation were presented. The translation and edition project is directed by Andrey Rossius. Volumes 1 & 2 contain Bruno’s treatises “Cause, Principle, and the One” (transl. by A. Rossius) and “On the Infinite Universe and Worlds” (transl. by Andrey Seregin). Translations are based on the new critical editions of the original texts and accompanied by introductions and notes by A. Rossius. Prof. Nuccio Ordine, a general editor of the new bilingual edition of the works of Giordano Bruno at Les Belles Lettres Publishing House, arrived to Moscow to present the new books. The second Russian edition of Ordine’s book “The Threshold of Shadow”, which is considered to be an introduction to Bruno’s dialogues written in Italian, was also presented. The event was opened by Abdusalam A. Guseynov, director of the Institute of Philosophy. Prof. Ordine was made an Honorary Member of the Institute of Philosophy. Prof. Leonid Batkin and Prof. Adriano Del’Asta, director of the Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Mosca, also took part at the event. Photos by Vladimir Fayer (see also his Librarius and video).



Abdusalam A. Guseynov

(from left to right): Andrey Rossius, Nuccio Ordine, Adriano Del'Asta



(from left to right): A. Guseynov, L. Batkin, N. Ordine, A. Del'Asta

A. Guseynov appoints N.Ordine an honorary member

of the Institute of Philosophy



January 24, 2012. During the XXth International Christmas Educational Readings the session “Theology and the Humanities” was held at the Institute of Philosophy. It was organized by Synodal Biblical and Theological Comission of the Russian Orthodox Church and the CAMPaS. The chairmen of the session: Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, and Abdusalam A. Guseynov, director of the Institute of Philosophy. Moderators: archpriest Vladimir Shmaliy, secretary of the Synodal Biblical and Theological Comission, and Valery V. Petroff, director of the CAMPaS. Session Programme.



(from left to right): archpriest Vladimir Shmaliy, Abdusalsm Guseynov, Valery V. Petroff

Galina Vdovina



Petr Mikhailov

Valery Petroff, Andrey Rossius



Svetlana Mesyats

Andrey Seregin



Nadezhda Volkova

Viktor Vizgine




June 7, 2011 International Conference «Philosophy as Spiritual Exercise and a Way of Life» dedicated to the memory of Pierre Hadot (1922-2010), honorary professor at the Collège de France was organised by CAMPas and Yuriy Shichalin's Museum Graeco-Latinum. The conference was opened by Abdusalam Guseinov, Director of the Institute of Philosophy. The papers were delivered by Iouri Chitchaline, Elena Chitchaline, Adrien Pagano, Victor Vizgin, Valery Petroff, Svetlana Messiats (Conference Programme).




May 17, 2011. A workshop «Bede the Venerable: a scholar, a philosopher, a theologian» was held at the CAMPaS. The workshop was organised in cooperation with the Centre for Intellectual History of the Institute of the World History. The moderator of the meeting was Maya Petrova (Institute of the World History). The papers were delivered by Alexey Phokin (Institute of Philosophy), Tatyana Borodai (Moscow State University), Valery Petroff (Institute of Philosophy), Maria Nenarokova (Institute of the World Literature), Maya Petrova (Institute of the World History) (the Workshop's Programme).



December 8, 2010. Books on Medieval Studies published in 2009-2010 were presented at the cultural centre «Biblioteca dello Spirito» (Pokrovka, 27). The exhibition was organized by Medieval History Department of Moscow State University (Oleg Voskoboynikov, Olga Dmitrieva). During the event two books published by CAMPaS were presented: «Intellectual Traditions of Antiquity and the Middle Ages» (Maya Petrova) and «Cosmos and Soul. Part. 2 (Andrey Seregin).


Itellectual Traditions Cosmos & Soul

(from left to right): Maya Petrova, Olga Dmitrieva, Oleg Voskoboynikov

(from left to right): Andrey Seregin, Olga Dmitrieva, Oleg Voskoboynikov


September 23, 2010. In cooperation between the CAMPaS and the Department of Philosophy of the Catholic Institute of Paris, Valery Petroff delivered a lecture «Eriugena on the Spiritual Body» at a monthly meeting of the laboratory «Philosophie patristique et médiévale» directed by Prof. Emmanuel Falque, Dean of the Department.





May 11-12, 2010. Luc Brisson (Centre Jean Pépin, CNRS, Paris), one of the best specialists of the works of Plato and the Platonic tradition in Antiquity, was visiting the CAMPaS. On May 11 he delivered a lecture «Intériorité et identité chez Platon». On May 12 Prof. Brisson conducted the reading of Porphyry's Sententia 12 and explained its doctrinal details.  

Luc Brisson At the entrance

Luc Brisson on the door-steps of the Institute of Philosophy

(From left to right): IFRAN Vice Director Andrey Smirnov, Luc Brisson, Valery Petroff

March 18 and 25, 2010. Alexey Dunaev presented a paper «Conceptions Concerning the Nature of the Tabor Light during the Palamite Controversy». The video is available here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. The audio record of the presentation: part 1, part 2. An outline of the presentation and hand-outs: part 1, part 2


March 4, 2010. Emmanuel Falque, the Dean of the Philosophy Department of the Institut catholique de Paris, delivered a lecture at the CAMPaS. Prof. Falque was visiting Moscow being the main speaker at the International Conference on Medieval Philosophy held on March 1-5, 2010 by St Tikhon's Orthodox University. The paper  «La pratique phénoménologique de la philosophie médiévale» and its discussion at the CAMPaS made the fourth day of the Conference. See the coverage of the sessions: March 1, March 2, March 3, March 4, March 5 2010.