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Tatiana Korneeva

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Date and Place of Birth         


ORCID: 0000-0001-9637-6034

Researcher ID: V-6892-2018

РИНЦ SPIN: 7119-6291, Author ID: 893959 


July 17, 1991. Sergiev Posad, Russia





  • 2012-2015 – Post-graduate study in the Institute of Philosophy (Russian Academy of Sciences).

  • 2007-2012 – Russian State University for the Humanities, Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies - specialist degree in philology of India and the Muslim South Asia.





  •  2016Ph.D. in Philosophy. Thesis title: «Nasir Khusraw’s philosophical views (on the material of the treatise “Gushaish va rahaish”» (Institute of Philosophy, RAS).



  • 2017 - present  Research Fellow at the IPhRAS Department of Philosophy of Islamic World.

  • may 2016 - 2017 – Junior Researcher at the IPhRAS Department of Philosophy of Islamic World.


Main Fields of research


 Islamic Studies, Arab-Muslim philosophy, Ismaili studies, Nasir Khusraw's Philosophy

Main Publications

  • Formation of Persian Philosophical Language: Revolution or Evolution? // Revolution and evolution in Islamic Thought and History / Executive editor Yu.E. Fedorova. Moscow: OOO Sadra, 2020, pp. 374-390. (Russian)
  • The Soul in the Philosophy of Nasir-i Khusraw // Ishraq: Islamic Philosophy Yearbook. 2019. No 9, pp. 349-365. (Russian)

  • The Problem of the Formation of Philosophical Prose in Persian // Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences. 2019. Vol. 62 (6), pp. 126-137. (Russian)

  • The Primordial in the Philosophy of Nasir Khusraw // Islam in the modern world. 2019. Vol. 15 (4), pp. 65-80. (Russian)
  • Knowledge in Nasir Khusraw’s Philosophy // History of Philosophy. 2018. Vol. 23. No 2. Pp. 44–55. (Russian)

  • Persian Philosophical Terminology of Nasir Khusraw // Islam in the modern world. 2018. Vol. 14. No 1. Pp. 113-124. (In Russ.)

  • Synthesis of Poetry and Philosophy in the Works of Nasir Khusraw // History of Philosophy Almanac. 2018. No 6. MSU, Faculty of Philosophy. Moscow: A.V. Vorobyov Publ., 2018. Pp. 35-44.

  • The Issue of Connectedness of the First Principle and the Multiple World in the Philosophy of Nasir Khusraw in the Context of the Previous Tradition // Islamovedenie. 2018. Vol. 9, No 4. Pp. 65-76.

  • The Triade "World - Intellect - Soul" in Nasir Khusraw's Philosophy // Ishraq: Islamic Philosophy Yearbook. 2017. No 8, pp. 151-168. (Russian)
  • Imam’s Khomeini Concept of the ‘Islamic State’ // Islam in the modern World. No 2 (13), 2017, pp. 153-162. (Russian)

  • The Problem of Translating Persian Texts of Arab-Islamic Philosophy // Philosophy And CultureNo 8 (92), Aug., 2015, pp. 1175-1181. (Russian)

  • Justification of the Concept of the Imamat in the Philosophy of Nasir Khusraw // Politics And Society. No 7 (114), July, 2015, pp. 930-937. (Russian)
  • Nasir Khusraw: Biography and Works of the Ismaili Philosopher // Philosophy And CultureNo 6 (90), June, 2015, pp. 830-842. (Russian)

  • Problems of the methodology of oriental studies and interpretation of the meaning of foreign language text // History of Oriental Studies: traditions and modernity: (Materials of the school-conference of graduate students and young scientists). Moscow: The Institute of Orientalism RAS Publ., 2014. Pp. 205-216. (Russian)


  • 23-24 June 2017 - Presentation on the topic “Some Aspects of Nation Formation on the Basis of Religious Ideology” at the scientific conference “Philosophy and Practice of Ethnic Diversity and Unity of Russia” in Dagestan State University (Russia, Makhachkala).

  • 30 November 2016 - Presentation on the topic “Synthesis of Philosophy and Poetry in Creativity of Nasir Khusraw” at the round table “Philosophical and Aesthetic Thought of the Countries of the East: basic concepts and problems of interpretation” in Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia, Moscow).

    28 May – 3 June 2016 ­­– Presentation on the topic “Philosophical concepts of Nasir Khusraw” at the international scientific-practical conference “Comparative Philosophy: Focus on Islamic Philosophy in the Contemporary World” in the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Knowledge, Department of  Philosophy at Allameh Tabatabai’s University (ATU) (Iran, Tehran).

  • 7-9 April 2016 – Presentation on the topic “Nasir Khusraw’s role in the culture and history of Iran and Russia” at the international scientific-practical conference “RUSSIA – IRAN: DIALOGUE OF CULTURES” (Russia, Saint Petersburg).

Research projects



 The project executor:

  • Project МК-2406.2017.6 “Formation of the Model of Political Structure in Modern Iran and its Philosophical Foundations” (2017-2018). Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists – Ph.D. The director of the project: Ph.D. in Philosophy Y.E. Fedorova.