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Department of Philosophy of the Islamic World





Andrey Smirnov


Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, DSc in Philosophy, Head of the Department

(Logic-and-meaning Studies, History of Arabic-Muslim philosophy)



Sergey Boroday


Research Fellow

(Phenomenology, Post-cognitivism, Functional Linguistics, Philosophy of Religion)


Konstantin Burmistrov


PhD in Philosophy, Senior research fellow

(History of Jewish Religious and Philosophical Thought, Jewish Kabbalah, The Impact of the Kabbalah on European and Russian Culture, Philosophy, Literature)

Julia Fedorova    

Yulia Fedorova



PhD in Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Head of the Department

(History of Classical Arabic Philosophy, Medieval Persian Sufism)




Evgenia Frolova

DSc in Philosophy, Leading Research Fellow

(Medieval and Modern Arabic philosophy)




Tatiana Korneeva



PhD in Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow

(Islamic Studies, Arab-Muslim philosophy, Ismaili studies, Nasir Khusraw's Philosophy)



 Andrey Lukashev


PhD in Philosophy, Senior Research Fellow

(Islamic philosophy)


Ilshat Nasyrov

DSc in Philosophy, Leading Research Fellow

(Islamic Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism / Sufism)



 Faris Nofal



Research Fellow

(Islamic Studies, The History of Arabic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Phenomenology of Religion, The History of Arabic Literature, Symbolical Anthropology)