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  Lidiya Krivykh
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Lidiya Krivykh

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Lidiya Krivykh

Year and place of birth

1954, Moscow



1978, Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University


Fields of research

management of social processes, political psychology, cross-cultural interaction, epistemology


Professional appointments

Research fellow of IphRAS, lecturer of the State Academic Universiry of Humanitarian Sciences



University courses

  • Psychological aspects of political communication;
  • Political Management;
  • Types of social interactions;
  • Cross-cultural communication


  • East and West: particularity of communication // Philosophy and culture № 2 (38). 2011
  • Russian mentality: correlation of tradition with variability // Russian self-identification problems. M. 2010
  • "Cultural body" as a tool of communication // Rnowledge. Unerstanding. Skill. M. 2010
  • Nonverbal communication in education // Alma mater. High school bulletin №2/ 2009
  • Symbolical world as a base of self-identification // Philosophy of politics yearbook №2. M. IphRAS, 2009;
  • Role of self-identification in civil society building // Man and culture in formation of civil society. M. IphRAS, 2008;
  • Signs of nonverbal communication // Philosophy and culture. M. IphRAS, 2008;
  • My face – is it mine!? // Visual image. M. IphRAS, 2007 №10
  • Communication: the man as a "text" // Contradiction and discourse. M. IphRAS, 2005;
  • R.De Sosa. Evolution and teleology from instinct to intentionality (translation) (from the book by Ronald de Sosa. Rationality of emotion. London 1988). // Evolution, culture, cognition. M. IphRAS. 1996;
  • On the typology of sensuality // body of man: interdisciplinary studies. Moscow, 1993.