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Department of History of Political Philosophy

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Head of the Department: Principal Research Fellow, D.Sc. Maria Fedorova


Current theme of State task: "Practical and Applied Philosophy".

Current fields of research:

  • History of West-European political philosophy;
  • Russian political thought of XIX-XX centuries;
  • Political ideologies of XIX-XX centuries: genesis and transformations;
  • Structural and categorial growth of political knowledge: its theory, methodology.


Major publications (collective research):

  • 2018 The idea of technological progress in the context of the left european movement in the 19-20th century. E.Samarskaya (in Russian).
  • 2015 Studies on freedom. Definition of freedom in the European thought. M.Fedorova, B. Kapustin, I. Myurberg (in Russian).
  • 2015 Revolution as a concept and an event. M.Fedorova, S. Ilinskaya (in Russian).
  • 2010 Democracy & Sovereignty. Varieties of Historical Experience Eds. I.Pantin, M.Fedorova. 233 pages. (in Russian).
  • 2010 Russia. History & Politics. In honor of I.Pantin.. Eds. M.Fedorova, I.Myrberg. 220 pages. (in Russian);
  • 2010 The Philosophy of Political Action. Essays in History of Left political Theory (XX century) Ed. E.Samarskaya. 270 pages.  (in Russian);
  • 2009 The Political as a Problem. Essays in Political Philosophy (XX century) Ed. M.Fedorova 224 pages. (in Russian);
  • 2008 European Political Thought in the Nineteenth Century Eds. I.Pantin, I.Myrberg.485 pages. (in Russian);






Adress: Goncharnaya 12/1, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation

Tel.: (495)697-91-89, of. 411