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History of Political Philosophy Department


Maria Fedorova


Fedorova Maria,


D.Sc. in Political Science, Main Research Fellow, Head of the Department


 Michael Komarov

Komarov Michael, 

Junior Research Fellow


Lidiya Krivykh


Krivykh Lidiya,


Research Fellow



Denis Letnyakov


Letnyakov Denis,


Ph.D in Political Science, Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Head


 Evgeny Lozhkin


 Lozhkin Evgeny,


 M.A., Junior Research Fellow



Mishurin Aleksandr,


Ph.D. in Political Science, Research Fellow




Myslivchenko Alexander,


D.Sc. in Philosophy, Leading Research Fellow



 Irina Myurberg


Myurberg Irina,


D.Sc. in Political Science, Leading Research Fellow




Podolskiy Vadim,


D.Sc. in Political Science, Research Fellow



Rozhkova Zinaida,

Ph.D. in Political Science, Junior Research Fellow, Head of the Department of Scientific communication and Science



Solonnikova Valentina,


Junior Research Fellow