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  Farida G. Mailenova
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Farida G. Mailenova


Moscow State University








ORCID: 0000-0003-0812-3518


Researcher ID: U-9231-2018


D.Sc. in Philosophy





Leading Research Fellow, Iph RAS




Research interests

Bioethics, Humanitarian expertise.





Joussellin C., Mailenova F. G., Popova O. V. VISUALISATION, SUBJECTIVITÉ ET MALADIE // ΠΡΑΞΗMΑ. Journal of Visual Semiotics. 2019. Issue 4 (22). P. 156-171. DOI: 10.23951/2312-7899-2019-4-156-171

Maylenova, F. G. LOVE END POBOTS. Will humanity become digisexual?. RUDN Journal Of Philosophy, 2019. 23(3), 312-323. doi: 10.22363/2313-2302-2019-23-3-312-323

Mailenova F.G. Mercy and  retribution. Eternal questions in the space of literature and psychotherapy // Humanitarian Expertise and bioethics. M. 2013

The Idea of Self-Improvement from Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Friedrich Nietzsche // WORKBOOKS ON BIOETHICS (22). M. 2015

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