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Alexander Myslivchenko

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Year and place of birth

 1924, Sumy                                                                                                                       



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MGIMO-University, 1951



  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Sc. in Philosophy, 1970 («The main stages and trends in the development of philosophical thought in Sweden»), IPh USSR Academy of Sciences


Professional appointments

Leading Research Fellow, Department of History of Political Philosophy

From 1973 to 1990 - Head of the Department of IF AN USSR



  • Sweeden philosophical thought, 1972.
  • Man as a subject of philosophical perception, 1972.


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There are about 400 publications. Look in the biographical dictionary: P.V. Alekseev. Philosophers of Russia of XIX-XX centuries. Biographies, ideas, works. 3rd edition, Moscow, 1999, 4th edition, Moscow, 2002. p. 662-663.


The main scientific results

  • Had performed as the initiator of investigations of the history of philosophy in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, filling gaps in national science. He introduced into scientific use the concept of "historical-philosophical geography".
  • Made adjustments to the definition of time and place of logical positivism as philosophical currents: the views of the founders of Uppsala school in Sweden, representing an early, not yet developed form of logical positivism, anticipated the main ideas of the Vienna section to next 15-20 years.
  • One of the first started the investigation of stages and trends of philosophical thought in Russia as the Soviet and post-Soviet period (in the collective works of the "Russian philosophy. Dictionary," 1995; "History of Russian Philosophy", 2001, etc.).
  • Substantiated the need to create a holistic conception of human in the structure of the object of philosophical anthropology. He put forward his own interpretation of the phenomenon of the inner freedom of human.
  • Concluded that a new type of social democracy originated in Europe at the end of the twentieth century, oriented on a converged model of social development (social-liberalism).
  • First explored the genesis of the political conservatism of the special, existential type of European philosophy in the XIX century.


The order "Red Star", "The Order of the Patriotic War II degree", a number of medals, including a bronze medal of the main committee of VDNH.