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Some works were published in 2011

Mamchur E.A. Do Science Philosophy? // Polignozis, № 2, 2011;

Mamchur E.A. The Status of the Ideal of Unity and Simplicity in Contemporary Scientific Cognition // Epistemological Studies. Russian Studies in Philosophy, Winter 2010-11, vol.49, № 3 of the P. 7-23;

Mamchur E.A. The gnosiological roots of epistemological relativism // Epistemology: prospects for development. Ed. by Lectorsky V.A. M.: Canon +, 2011, pp. 275-297;

Mamchur E.A. On the empirical justification of modern cosmology // Cosmology, physics, culture. Ed. by Kazyutinsky V.V. M. IPh RAN, 2011;

Mamchur E.A. Is there a  growth of scientific knowledge ? The new solutions of an old epistemological problem // Language-knowledge-reality. Ed. by I.T.Kasavin, M.: Alpha-M, 2011, pp. 267-286.

Sachkov Yu.V. The probability of the puzzle of cognition // Epistemology and Philosophy of Science. M., 2011.

Konyaev S.N. The formation of the modern paradigm of science. Philosophy of Science. V.16: Philosophy of science and technology. M., 2011;

Konyaev S.N. Synergetics and complexity. Synergetics ofinnovation. M., 2011;

Krushanov A.A. Modern women's share (male eyes) // Bulletin RFO, 2011. № 2;

Krushanov A.A. And a life-world is not enough // Bulletin of RFO. 2011. № 4;
Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Modern technology and the principles of humanism // humanism and philosophical values, 2011;Way of the noosphere as a way of survival of indigenous peoples in the context of globalization // "Noosferizm: Arctic look at the sustainable development of Russia and of humanity in the XXI Century", 2011. Volume III, Book II;

Chernovitskaya Yu.V. Noocosmology: social and ethical aspects of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations // Cosmology, Physics, Culture. M.: IF RAS, 2011;

Sevalnikov A.Yu. Understanding of reality and the new fundamental science // The future of basic science. Conceptual, philosophical and social aspects of the problem. M. Krasand, 2011. P. 234 - 247;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Nuclear fatality of the XX Century //  Philosophical sciences, 2011. - N 6. - P. 34-47;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. On the possibility of the metaphysical foundation of quantum mechanics // Int. scientific conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Faculty of Philosophy in recreating the structure of MSU "Philosophy and the paradigm of modern science", Section "Simulation of modern science." Moscow, Moscow State University, 15-16 December 2011;
Sevalnikov A.Yu. Understand metaphysics // Metaphysics, № 2, 2011. M.: RPFU. P. 59-71.