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  Revolution and Evolution in Islamic History and Thought
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Revolution and Evolution in Islamic History and Thought

The international scientific conference “Revolution and evolution in Islamic history and thought” will take place in Moscow the 5-6 of October 2017. The organizers of the conference are the Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Science and the Islamic Culture Research Foundation. The conference will be held at the Hall of the Institute of Philosophy academic council (Moscow, Goncharna st. 12,1, the third floor, room 313).


The conference is aimed at the research of the cultural dynamics, that prepare conditions for revolutionary changes and provides their adaptation for the Islamic culture system. The conference invites scholars from different fields of Islamic studies (philosophers, historians, philologists, political scientists, economists and ets.) to participate in its program.


The conference subject has an extremely wide timeframe (from the origin of Islam up to our day), it is interpretation is extremely wide as well. It can imply such questions as follows:

Was the emergence of Islam a revolutionary negation of all the pagan (jahiliya), or it managed to save the main elements of the pre-islamic culture and world view by transforming them to ensure continuity of culture? Was the emergence of the new Islamic sciences in different fields of knowledge (rational methods of fiqh, the wisdom of the mu‘taziliyya and ‘ashariyya schools, new literary devices and ets.) a revolutionary step, that faced an opposition among Islamic intellectuals, or it was based on the internal mechanisms of cultural adaptation and mimicked for the evolution?  What can be a background for the revolutionary shifts? How does the adaptation mechanisms work and what their cognitive basis is?


The conference format is 20 minutes for report and 10 minutes for discussion. The materials of the conference will be published in a digest of articles.